The Top Safari Lodges in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the East African countries. In terms of tourism, the country has much to offer. It is rich in wildlife and other thrilling safari activities. It has four safari circuits. Each regional circuit has several tourist destinations. Accommodation is one of the challenges that you may face when planning a safari. This article identifies the top safari lodges in Tanzania. We have identified the best lodges in every safari circuit.

The Top Safari Lodges in Tanzania (Northern, Southern, western circuits)

Northern Circuit

The northern safari circuit is the most famous in Tanzania. Compared to other circuits, it receives a larger number of tourists. It is home to some of the most iconic tourist destinations in Africa. This region is known for the best Tanzania safari lodges.

  • Serengeti Safari Lodge

It is situated in the Serengeti National Park.  It is among the top safari lodges in Tanzania. It has a restaurant, bar, pool, gift shop, entertainment, and spa. The rooms are beautiful and comfortable. Guests enjoy the diverse wildlife and natural wonders in the park. Other lodges in Serengeti include;

  • Namiri Plains
  • Singita Sasakwa Lodge
  • One Nature Nyaruswiga
  • Lemala Kuria Hills Tented Lodge
  • Taasa Lodge
  • Mwoba Lodge
  • Mbali Mbali Sori Serengeti Lodge
  • Singita Fari Faru Lodge & beyond.

  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

This is among the most luxurious safari lodges in Africa. It is located between the natural riches of Ngorongoro Crater. Guests enjoy safari game drives, nature walks, and cultural visits. It has 30 luxurious suites and a one-family suite. Other lodges around the Ngorongoro Crater include;

This lodge is located about 9 km from Kilimanjaro National Park. It has 10 rooms. Guests enjoy hiking to the mountain, game drives, hot springs, and diverse wildlife. It is among the top safari lodges in Tanzania. Other lodges around Mount Kilimanjaro National Park include;

  • Bougainvillea Lodge
  • Country Lodge
  • Neptune Ngorongoro Lodge
  • Crater Lodge
  • Farmhouse Lodge
  • Ngorongoro Serena
  • Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
  • Wildlife Lodge
  • Plantation Lodge
  • Rhino Lodge
  • The Manor
  • Rhotia Valley Ttd. Lodge
  • Ngorongoro O’ldeani Lodge
  • Kaliwa Lodge, Machame
  • Lake Manyara Kilimamoja Lodge
  • Fortune Mountain Resort, Marangu
  • KIA Lodge
  • Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge
  • Lake Chala Safari Lodge, Rombo
  • Myombo Lodge
  • Protea Hotel Aishi Machame, Machame
  • Salinero Millie Lodge, Machane
  • Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

This is one of the top luxury safari lodges in Tanzania. It is situated in Lake Manyara National Park. It has 10 spacious rooms. Other available facilities include an interactive kitchen, dining area, and viewing decks. Guests enjoy game drives, picnics, and bird watching among other activities. Other accommodations around Lake Manyara National Park include;

  • Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge
  • Mugunga Tented Lodge
  • Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge
  • Escarpment Luxury Lodge
  • Kururumu Manyara Lodge
  • Morona Hill Lodge

Southern circuit

This is the second most visited circuit in Tanzania. Compared to the northern circuit, it receives fewer tourists. It is best for visitors who love wildlife and a sense of African adventure. Tourists can see rhinos, antelopes, cheetahs, and African wild dogs among other animals. It has several tourist destinations such as national parks and reserves and beaches. The southern circuit offers a variety of safari lodges. Some of these include;

This is one of the top safari lodges in Tanzania. It is within Selous Game Reserve. It is the largest reserve in Africa. It is the best for tourists escaping crowds in Serengeti. It offers an outstanding wildlife experience. Visitors are more likely to see hippos, wildebeests, lions, buffalos, zebras, lions, etc. Visitors also enjoy bird watching. The reserve is home to over 400 species of birds. Serena Mivumo River Lodge is one of the available accommodations in the reserve. Some of the available facilities include beautiful rooms, a pool, a dining room, a bar, and a library. Other lodges around the Selous Game Reserve include;

  • Africa Safari Selous
  • Sable Mountain Lodge
  • Ndoto Kidogo Lodge
  • Beho Beho Lodge
  • Sand Rivers Selous
  • Jabali Ridge

Jabali Ridge is one of the best Tanzania safari lodges. It is in Ruaha National Park. This is one of the untouched tourist destinations in Tanzania. It is rich in wildlife. The park is home to over 64 species of animals. Jabali Ridge has 8 suites, a pool, and a spa. Guests enjoy game drives, walking safaris, picnics, walking with sundowners, etc. Other lodges around Ruaha National Park include;

  • Ruaha River Lodge
  • Mufindi Highland Fishing Lodge
  • Mikumi Safari Lodge.

It is located a few meters from the Mikumi National Park. This is the fourth largest park in Tanzania. It is easily accessible. The park is also rich in wildlife. Mikumi Safari Lodge has good-looking rooms, a bar, a restaurant, etc. Guests enjoy game views, untouched landscapes, bush safaris, and beautiful beaches. It offers tourists a true safari. Mikumi Safari is among the top safari lodges in Tanzania. Other lodges within the Mikumi National Park include;

  • Matembezi Safari Lodge
  • Udzungwa Falls Lodge

Western circuit

The western tourism circuit is less popular compared to the northern and southern circuits. But it offers magical experiences. Tourists get to see the chimpanzees. Lake Tanganyika also has beautiful beaches. This circuit has the most luxurious safari lodges in Africa.

  • Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge

It is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. It also borders the Mahale National Park. Guests enjoy birdwatching, fishing, walking safaris, and primate trekking. It is the best for tourists who avoid crowded safari. This is the perfect lodge from which to explore Mahale National Park.

  • Mbali Mbali Gombe Lodge

This is one of the top luxury safari lodges in Tanzania. It is located within the Gombe Stream National Park. The park is known for wild chimpanzees. It is a dream tourist destination. Guests enjoy watching chimps during guided forest treks. Gombe Stream Park is also popular for its magnificent scenery of butterflies and birds.  Mbali Mbali Gombe Lodge offers suitable safari accommodation. The lodge has several facilities including 7 rooms, a dining area, a bar, a restaurant, a beach, etc.

Tanzania has many tourist beautiful tourist destinations. The northern circuit is the most visited region. But southern and western circuits also offer magnificent safari experiences. You may choose a circuit safari based on your interests. If you want to witness the great migration, you need to choose the northern circuit. If you want to track chimpanzees, you may need to choose the western circuit. Luckily, every safari circuit has beautiful lodges. This article has listed the top safari lodges in Tanzania. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.