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Shaba National Reserve is a perfect destination in the northern part of Kenya. Most of the Samburu National Park animals are common in this reserve. But they are fewer in number. The most common activities are game drives and bird watching. Accommodations such as Sarova Shaba game lodge offer great comfort. The reserve shares a large protected area with Buffalo Springs and Samburu national reserves. Here are some of the reasons why should add the reserve to your itinerary.


Shaba National Reserve shares a large protected area with Buffalo Springs and Samburu national reserves. Unlike these two reserves, Shaba has fewer animals. But it is home to many species. You can spot the northern specials. These include the Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, and Burchell’s zebra. Other common animals are elephants, hippos, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and leopards. The best season to see these animals is during the dry months. This is usually between June to October and January to February.


Shaba National reserve is a good place for watching birds. It has recorded over 390 species. It has dry countries and northeast African species. You can enjoy bird watching across the year. But migratory birds are common between November and April.


Shaba National Reserve is usually hot. Between June and September, afternoon temperatures are around 32°C. January and February are the hottest months. For body protection, put on lightweight and loose-fitting casual clothes. They will keep you dry and cool. Put on closed comfortable and lightweight shoes. Sneakers may be good for game drives. But you need safari boots for bushwalking or trekking. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and drinking water.

The wet season is between October and December and March and May. Roads may not be passable in these months. Afternoon temperatures are still high at an average of 32°C.


The reserve has an amazing view. It is greener compared to the neighboring reserves. The waterfalls on the Ewaso Nyiro River give it a scenic view. The open grasslands, dusty plains, and rocky hills create an appealing scenery.

Most of the Samburu National Park animals are present in Shaba National Reserve. This makes it a good place for viewing wildlife. There is accommodation in the reserve. On the east side is the Sarova Shaba game lodge which offers luxurious accommodation. Your tour operator will help book accommodation for a memorable safari experience.

FAQs About Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve is found in Isiolo County in Kenya. This is in the northern part of the country. It shares borders with Buffalo Springs and Samburu national reserves. The three create a larger protected area. It is located about 355 km north of Nairobi. Its coordinates are 0°38′24″N and 37°49′48″E. You can drive to the place or take a flight for a more convenient safari.

Shaba National Reserve is one of the popular destinations in Kenya. It is less crowded compared to other parks and reserves. So, it has a greater wilderness appeal. It is a good place to view wildlife during game drives. It is a perfect place for watching many species of birds.

During the wet season, it may be harder to spot animals. The roads may also be impassable. The best time to visit is during the dry months. These are June to September and January to February. It will be very easy to spot animals while drinking water along the river in the reserve.

From Nairobi, the East African transport hub, you can easily access the reserve. You can enjoy a drive to the reserve. This is a good chance to explore Kenya. You can use charter flights. Your tour operator will book the flights. Scheduled flights in the region are also readily available.