Saadani National Park is located in Tanzania. It covers an area of about an area of 1,062 km2. It is one of the places where the bush meets the beach. It has an Indian Ocean beachfront. It is a unique destination as you can sunbathe and enjoy wildlife viewing at the same time. Here is why you should go on a Saadani National Park safari.


Wildlife is an important attraction found in Saadani National Park. The park is home to endangered species such as Roosevelt’s sable. This species is only found in Nyerere National Park in Tanzania and Shimba Hills in Kenya. Its beaches are the breeding site for the green turtle. Boat rides in Wami River allow visitors to spot crocodiles and hippos. Other common animals are giraffes, elephants, hyenas, zebras, buffalos, and leopards among others.

The park is a great destination for viewing wildlife. It has a great concentration of many species. Saadani National Park is open across the year. But the best wildlife viewing experience is between January to February and between June to August.


The park is great for birding. It is home to many riverine and marine species. The lesser flamingo and mangrove kingfisher are common. It has many grassland species. Raptors such as crowned eagle and bateleur are common. It is also home to many migratory birds.

Tourists can watch birds in the park across the year. But November to April is the best time to see residents as well as migratory birds.


Saadani National Park has stunning scenery. Madete beach is a beautiful feature. It is a breeding site for Green Turtles. Their nests are visible between July and November. Zaraninge Forest is home to threatened species of plants. It is an evergreen forest in the park.  Also, acacia thickets give the park a scenic view.


The climate at the park remains attractive across the year. The dry season is between June and September. Daytime is mostly sunny. Rain is rare. Temperatures range between 21°C and 33°C. This is the coolest time in the region. It is the best time to visit the park.

The wet season is between October and May. Short rains are between October and December. A dry period separates the short rains from the long rains. This is between January and February. Long rains are common between March and May. This season feels hotter. Temperatures range between 23°C and 33°C.

FAQs About Saadani National Park

  • Where is Saadani National Park?

Saadani National Park is located in Tanga and Pwani regions in Tanzania. It is in the southeast of the Tanga region and northwest of the Pwani region. It is located at 5.9972° S and 38.7548° E. It is easily accessible from Dar es Salaam. A Saadani National Park safari is possible by road or air transport.

  • Why visit Saadani National Park?

There are many activities to do at Saadani National Park. Game drives are common between 6.30 am and 6.30 pm. Wildlife is a key attraction in Saadani National Park. 4X4 safari vehicles are recommended. Visitors enjoy guided bush walks in the park. There is river cruising at River Wami. You can also relax on the beaches in the park.

  • Which is the best time to visit Saadani National Park?

Saadani National Park can be visited at any time of the year. But the best time to visit is between June and February. This period experiences a dry season and short rains. It is a great time to spot wildlife.

  • How to get to Saadani National Park

Tourists can get to Saadani National Park by road. It is about 131 km from Dar es Salaam to the Gama entrance. From Tanga, it is 146 km. From Mkata to Madete, there is a distance of 79 km. You can also get there by air. Charter flights land on Saadani Airstrip or Mkwaja Airstrip. It is a more convenient way to reach the park.