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Ruaha National Park is found in the west of Iringa in Tanzania. It is the second-largest national park in the country. It covers an area of 20,226 km2. It is an excellent destination for wildlife viewing. It is a great place to spot lions, elephants, antelopes, and wild dogs among other species. It has great scenery and a favorable climate. It is a safe destination in Africa. But tourists should follow safety precautions when in urban centers. Here are reasons why you should go on a Ruaha National Park safari.


Wildlife is one of the key Ruaha National Park attractions. The park hosts many species of wild animals. It is home to a large pride of lions. It is one of the parks with the large populations of lions in the world. You can spot a pride of about 20 lions. It is home to a large number of elephants. It is almost a guarantee to spot elephants in high densities. The park is home to a large population of buffalos, giraffes, hippos, zebras, antelopes, and cheetahs. Wild dogs are also present in the park. The best time to spot these animals is between June and October. Most animals are around water sources during this dry season.


If you love birds, then you should go on a Ruaha National Park safari. The park has recorded over 450 species of birds. The most common species are the Giant kingfisher, Bateleur, red-billed hornbill, and Collared palm thrush. Birdlife is good in the park across the year. But bird watching is best between November and April. This is the wet season in the park. Migratory birds from northern Africa and Europe are usually present in the park.


Ruaha National Park’s vegetation consists of scrubby woodland, baobab trees, patches of open grassland, and clumps of palms. The Great Ruaha River is another key feature of the park. These key features give the park a scenic view.

Ruaha National Park weather

Ruaha National Park weather is great for many tourist activities. It is usually hot and dry.  The dry season is between May and October. Temperatures range between 27°C and 15°C. This is a good time to enjoy game drives and nature walks. The wet season is between November and April. Temperatures range between 38°C and 17°C. This is the warmest period in the park. While roads may not be passable, bird watching is usually excellent in this season.

FAQs about Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is located in the south-central part of Tanzania. It is in the west of Iringa town. It is about 10 hours from Dar Es Salaam. Its coordinates are 7.6807° S and 34.9322° E. The easiest way to get there is via scheduled or chartered flights.

Ruaha National Park is home to many species of wildlife. Tourists enjoy the sightings of these animals during game drives. You can enjoy other activities such as watching birds and guided nature walks.

The best time to visit Ruaha National Park is between June and October. It is the high season for tourism in East Africa. The bush thins out during the dry season. This makes it easier to spot animals. Also, animals gather around water sources in this season. Spotting them along the river in the park is easier. If you love birds, the wet season is the best time to visit the park. It is the right time to spot migratory as well as forest birds.

Getting to Ruaha National Park is easy. From the international airport, tour operators transfer tourists to lodges or the park. It takes about 10 hours to drive to the park from Dar es Salaam. Tourists can also choose air transport. There are scheduled flights and chartered flights to the park.