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Kenya is situated in East Africa. It is along the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. It is among the top destinations in the world. Millions of travelers visit the country to experience its beauty. You can book your flight to Kenya with different airlines. The most popular airlines are Kenya Airways and Emirates. While in Kenya, you will enjoy activities such as game drives, bird watching, and hiking. Here, we look at some of the reasons you need to visit Kenya. We also look at the price of a plane ticket to Kenya.

5 Reasons why you must visit Kenya

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons you need a plane ticket to Kenya. Luckily, you can find cheap flights to Kenya.

You probably have seen a documentary about the Great Migration. If not, you need to find one asap. If you have, then, you need to be part of this great experience. This natural event happens in the Masai Mara National reserve in Kenya. Over a million wildebeests migrate from Tanzania in search of food. They follow rainfall for fresher grass. The migration is between July and October. Other animals such as zebras also migrate with the wildebeests. Predators such as crocodiles and lions are usually ready to attack along the Mara River. You will feel the tension and anticipation as animals try to fight for survival. You will feel panic as millions of animals try to cross the river successfully. Your heart will then be filled with joy as you see these animals cross the river and disappear into rich grazing grounds.  Get your plane ticket to Kenya as soon as possible. You must witness this migration at least once in your lifetime.

If you love wild animals, you need a plane ticket to Kenya. Kenyan national parks and reserves are home to many species of mammals. Private conservancies host most populations of wildlife. During a safari to Kenya, expect to see the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and hippo. You will also see other smaller wild animals. These include antelopes, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, and wildebeests. Kenya is home to animals that will keep you engaged and fascinated.

If you love birds, you must visit Kenya. The country has ecosystems that support many species of birds. Destinations such as Lake Nakuru are known for millions of flamingos. Other common birds in Kenya are kingfishers, black herons, and fish eagles.

Kenya is a perfect destination for hiking. You can hike Mount Kenya, which is the highest mountain in Kenya. Also, Kenya has other great mountains for hiking. These include Mt Longonot, Ngong Hills, and Mount Elgon.

Kenya has a long coastline. So, it has several great beautiful beaches. Some of the popular beaches include Shanzu, Nyali, Watamu, and Diani. You will love the fine sands on these beaches. Accommodation is readily available along the beaches.

Plane ticket to Kenya

Now, you have reasons to visit Kenya. The question is how much is a plane ticket to Kenya. You can use several airlines to Kenya. Let’s look at some of these and their prices.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways offers cheap flights to Kenya. Let’s look at the USA to Kenya flight price. Depending on your airport, expect to pay from KES 90,000 to 200,000 to Nairobi. The following table shows the USA to Kenya flight price. The price may be higher or lower depending on the season and booking.

FromToTravel classPrice (KES)
Columbus (CHM)NairobiEconomy/Return177,000
Boston (BOS)NairobiEconomy/Return200,600
New York (JKF)NairobiEconomy/Return100,300
Washington, D.C. (WAS)NairobiEconomy/Return95,000

You can use Kenya Airways for flights to Kenya from other parts of the world. For example, you can book flights from Europe, the Middle East, America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

Flights to Kenya Emirates

For cheap flights to Kenya, you can use Emirates. If you are to travel with a child, you will need to carry a birth certificate. The airline requires a birth certificate from travelers below 18 years. The accepted baggage depends on travel class and place of departure. You can book a Dubai stopover to make the best out of your safari.

Dubai is home to the top tourist destinations in the Middle East. You can visit the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world. You will love the high-speed elevator in the building. You will also enjoy the great views of the city. You can enjoy sea life in the Dubai Aquarium. It is located in the Dubai Mall. You can view the different animals from the mall. But you can go for a closer look by going to the Underwater Zoo. You can also visit the desert and other great destinations in Dubai.

The price of a plane ticket to Kenya using the Emirate will depend on several factors. These include the place of departure and booking. The price of a flight from Washington to Nairobi will depend on travel class. For the economy class, you will pay about USD 650. For the business class, you will pay about USD 4,400. For the first class, you will pay about USD 13,800. You can also use Emirates for flights from Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. You can reach out for more about flights to Kenya Emirates.

Air France

You can buy a plane ticket to Kenya from Air France. The price will depend mainly on the place of destination.  From Dallas to Nairobi, you will pay USD 1,000 for the economy round trip. From New York to Nairobi, you will pay USD 900. From Seattle to Nairobi, you will pay USD 1,400. You can also book a flight from Spain, France, Italy, Nigeria, and most parts of the world. You can choose between economy, business, premium economy, and La Premiere.

Turkish Airlines

You can buy a plane ticket to Kenya from Turkish Airlines. The airline flies to Nairobi and Mombasa. Ticket prices may be lower compared to other airlines. For example, you may pay about USD 810 from JFK to Nairobi for a round trip. You can reach out for more about Turkish Airlines deals. We will make it easier to book a cheaper flight to Kenya.

We have listed 5 main reasons why you must visit Kenya. We have also seen several airlines that offer cheap flights to Kenya. Do you need more info about a plane ticket to Kenya? Feel free to reach out today. We will help you find a flight that meets your budget. We can also help you find the best destinations in Kenya.