Murchison Falls National Park Travel Guide & Map


Murchison Falls National Park is found in Uganda. It is known for its powerful falls. It covers an area of about 3,893 km2. Murchison Falls National Park’s distance from Kampala is about 305 km. It is a perfect destination for viewing wildlife. Murchison Falls National Park accommodation is readily available.


Murchison Falls National Park’s diverse vegetation supports many species of animals.  It is home to 4 of the Big Five. You can spot elephants, lions, leopards, and buffalos. It is home to many species of antelopes. You can spot bushbucks, waterbucks, oribi, grey duiker, and Jackson’s hartebeest. It is home to several species of primates. You can spot chimps and patas monkeys. Other common species are hippos and giraffes. The best time to spot these animals is during the dry months. Animals gather around water sources in the park.


Birding is one of the Murchison Falls National Park activities. The park is home to more than 450 bird species. It is a perfect place to watch birds. A boat trip on the Victoria Nile is perfect for spotting most of the species. Some of the common species are shoebills, Abyssinian ground hornbills, and grey-crowned cranes.

You can enjoy bird watching at any time of the year in the park. But the dry season is perfect for birding. This is between December to February and January to March. Rain may interfere will most activities in the park. But November to April is the best time to spot migratory birds.


Murchison Falls National Park has several scenic features. It has three attractive falls. Tourists love watching large water volumes from the Victoria Nile making powerful moves. It is such a breathtaking view.

Budongo Forest is an attractive feature of the park. It is a natural forest with diverse species of plants. Also, the Kaniyo pabidi and Rabongo forests give the park a stunning view. The park’s vegetation includes riverine forests, savannah grasslands, and woodlands. Murchison Falls National Park accommodation facilities are also stunning.


Its climate is tropical and hot. The park has two seasons. The dry season is between December and February. Daytime is usually hot with clear skies. It is the hottest period in the region. Temperatures range between 18°C and 32°C.

The wet season is between March and November. March to May experiences less rain than August to November. June to July is a bit dry. But it can still rain.

FAQs about Murchison Falls National Park

  • Where is Murchison Falls National Park?

Murchison Falls National Park is in the northern part of Uganda. It is about 305 km north of Kampala and 280 km southwest of Fort Portal. It is within several districts including Bunyoro, Buyisa, Masindi, and Nwaya. Its coordinates are 1.9289° N and 31.6644° E. You can get there by road or air.

  • Why visit Murchison Falls National Park?

Tourists engage in several activities in the park. There are early morning and evening game drives to enjoy wildlife viewing. You can enjoy chimp trekking in the park. Other common activities are nature walks, hiking, bird watching, hot air balloon safaris, and cultural tours.

  • Which is the best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park?

You can visit the park at any time across the year. But the best time is during the drier months. These are June to July and December to February. Roads and hiking trails are in good condition for most of Murchison Falls National Park’s activities. If you love birding, then the best time is during the wet season.

  • How to get to Murchison Falls National Park activities

You can get there by road or air. From Kampala, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the park by road. From Fort Portal, it takes about 6 hours to reach the park by road. You can also fly to the park. Pakuba. Bugundu, and Chabe airfields are at convenient points. Tour operators are usually responsible for transfers from the international airport.