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Meru National Park is one of the perfect destinations in Kenya. This protected area covers about 870 sq. km. It is a safe destination just like most parks in Kenya. It is rich in wildlife and has great scenery. Visitors enjoy various activities including game drives, nature walks, and camping. The park is easily accessible by road or flight. Here are four main reasons why you should add Meru National Park to your itinerary.


Meru National Park is home to the Big Five. During a Meru National Park game drive, expect to see elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, and buffalos. The park is popular for the northern specials. You can spot the reticulated giraffe. Its dramatic pattern makes it unique. You can spot Burchell’s zebra, lesser kudu, Grecy’s zebra, gerenuk, and beisa oryx. Other common animals in the park are cheetahs, hippos, elands, and bush pigs among others.

 One of the common Meru National Park activities is bird watching. The park has recorded over 427 species of birds. The northern specials are present. These include vulturine guineafowl and Somali Ostrich. Other common species are spurfowl, wattled starling, and long-tailed discal among others.


The scenery during a Meru National Park game drive is fascinating. In the north, the park is mainly thorny. In the west, it has wooded grasslands. The other parts have open grassland. It also has dense riverine forests. This vegetation together with the wildlife gives the park amazing scenery.


The park enjoys two seasons. The dry season is between July and October. The days are mostly sunny. While early mornings and evenings are cooler (17°C), afternoons tend to be hot (31°C). October can be hotter (33°C) in preparation for the rains.

The wet season is between November and May. Short rains are between November and December. Average afternoon temperatures are around 32°C. The rains break for a while between January and February. These two months tend to be very hot. Temperatures can go as high as 34°C. Then, long rains are experienced between March and May. These months are very wet. Afternoon temperatures are around 34°C. Roads may not be passable.

Adamson’s Falls

This attraction is named after Adamson’s family, which was the first to settle in the park. It is a 50 meters high waterfall. It is easier to reach the falls. It may take about 2 to 3 hours depending on your stamina.

FAQs About Meru National Park

The park is located in Meru county in Kenya. This is about 355 km northeast of Nairobi. Using a 4×4, you can easily reach this park. The park is located about 150 km from Samburu National Park. It would take you just 2½ hours to get to this park. The park’s GPS coordinates are 0.0896° N and 38.1900° E.

You can visit the park at any time across the year. But some months may be better than others. The dry months are best for wildlife viewing. These are January, February, June, July, August, and September. These are the best months for visiting most parks and reserves in Kenya. March, October, and December are not very wet. They are good for viewing animals. April is very wet and you may not spot most animals. Also, the roads may not be passable.

When preparing to visit the park, you need to carry several items. Ensure that you carry a camera, binoculars, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. Don’t forget drinking water, camping equipment, and picnic items.

The park is easily accessible. You can get there by road. Your tour operator will choose between Embu and Nanyuki roads to get to the park. These are all-weather roads. You can also enjoy air travel to the park.