Marsabit National Park Travel Guide & Map


Marsabit National Park is a protected area in Kenya. It covers about 1,554 sq. km. It is in the northern part of the country. This is one of the hottest parts of Kenya. It is a great place for viewing the Big Five and northern specials. It has three craters, Lake Paradise, diverse birdlife, and a variety of butterflies. You can easily get there by road or flight. You can visit the park at any time of the year. Marsabit National Park accommodation is readily available. Here are some of the attractions in the park. Don’t forget to carry a camera, hat, sunglasses, binoculars, and drinking water.


Marsabit National Park is home to several species of wild animals. Elephants are abundant in the park including huge-tusked bull elephants. Mostly, you can spot them in the afternoon in front of Marsabit Lodge. Other animals that you may spot are lesser and greater kudu, lions, leopards, hyenas, and giraffes among others.

Diverse birdlife

Marsabit National Park is a perfect destination for bird lovers. It has recorded over 500 bird species. The most common species are vulturine guineafowl, African fish eagle, and Grey-crowned crane. You can spot migrants between November and April. 

Lake Paradise

Lake Paradise is a beautiful feature of the park. It is about 10 km from the nearest gate. You can hike to the lake or enjoy a safari drive. The lake supports local communities as well as wildlife in the park.


 Marsabit National Park is one of the perfect destinations for observing butterflies. It is home to a variety of species.


Marsabit National Park enjoys a good climate for safaris. Between June and September, it is very dry. Afternoon temperatures are around 30°C. During this dry season, early morning and evening game drives are common. The wet season is between October and May with a break between January and February. But it hardly rains all day.

Local people

The park shares borders with nomadic herders such as Rendille, Samburu, and the Maasai. These indigenous communities are popular for decorative beadwork and their sedentary lifestyle. Tourists visit their villages to learn more about their cultures.

FAQs About Marsabit National Park

  • Where is Marsabit National Park located?

Marsabit National Park is located in Marsabit county in Kenya.  It is about 263 km north of Isiolo. This is about 560 km north of Kenya’s tourism hub, Nairobi. You can travel by road or air to reach the park. You can locate it via the GPS coordinates (2.1792° N and 37.9581° E).

  • What activities are done in Marsabit National Park?

Early morning and afternoon game drives are common in the park. Visitors enjoy the sightings of different species of wild animals. You can enjoy bird watching in the park. It is a perfect place for spotting several species of birds. Visitors can enjoy hiking in the park. There is a volcano standing at 1,707 meters above sea level. With an expert guide, you can enjoy hiking to the peak through a thick forest. You can also enjoy rock climbing. But you will need an expert guide to enjoy the great climbing routes.

  • When is the best time to visit Marsabit National Park?

You can visit the park during the wet season. Watching birds tends to be great between October and May. But the dry season is the best for wildlife viewing. You will spot many species at the crater lakes. This is usually between June and September.

  • How do I get to Marsabit National Park?

You have two options to reach the park. You can travel by road. You will travel a distance of 570 km from Nairobi via Nanyuki and Isiolo. There is a murram road of about 120 km to reach the park. Your tour operator will arrange for a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the park. You can choose to fly to the park. There is an airstrip nearby the park.