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Malindi, Kenya is a popular destination in East Africa. It is located in Kilifi County along the coastline. It has many tourist attractions such as national parks, historical sites, and stunning beaches. Here are the reasons you should visit Malindi.

Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve

Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve is located in Malindi, Kenya. It is next to Malindi Beach. It is a protected area covering 213 km2. Temperatures range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. It has many marine resources. Common attractions are fishes, sea turtles, invertebrates, and dolphins. It has coral gardens, fringing reefs, mudflats, seagrass beds, and mangroves. Travelers enjoy glass-bottom boat rides and snorkeling in the park. Other popular activities are camping, bird watching, diving, and sunbathing. You need flip-flops, a t-shirt, a hat, sunscreen, a camera, and drinking water.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park is located a few kilometers from Malindi. It is along the Mombasa-Malindi highway. It is home to many species of birds. The most common are Clarke’s weaver, Amani sunbird, Sokoke scops owl, spotted ground thrush, and Sokoke pipit. The common animals are elephants, baboons, African civets, vervet monkeys, and mongooses. It also has many species of butterflies. Its coordinates are 3°16′S 39°49′E. It is a great place for butterfly and bird watching.

Gedi Ruins

Gedi Ruins is located just outside of Malindi town. They date back to the 15th century. They are remains of a Swahili town that dates back to the 12th century. They are some of the mysteries in Kenya. They are archeological and historical sites. An indigenous forest that is considered a sacred site surrounds the ruins. Travelers enjoy guided tours to explore Swahili history.

Malindi beaches 

Malindi is home to many beautiful beaches. These are the main attractions. They are white and sandy, warm, and have clean water. Coral reef along the beaches act as natural water filters.

Watamu Beach- Turtle Bay is one of the popular beaches in Malindi. It is just 15 km from Malindi town. It is known for its soft white sand, gorgeous coral reef, and clean water.

Malindi Beach is another popular beach in the area. It is popular for its magnificence and beauty. It has many species of sea creatures, coral reef, clean sand, crystal clear waters, and smooth waves.

Che Shale Beach is also a popular beach in Malindi. It is known for its natural beauty. All Malindi beaches have white and clean sand. They also have clean water and beautiful coral reef. It is a great place to experience the sea world.

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

This is another great attraction in Malindi. It is located along the beach. It is a historical monument. It dates back to the 14th century. Vasco Da Gama, a great Portuguese explorer, built it in 1498. It is one of the most visited sites along the coast of Kenya.


Malindi has a great climate. It has a warm tropical climate. It is usually hot and humid. Temperatures rarely go below 20 °C. Short rains are experienced between October and November. Long rains are between April and July.

FAQs About Malindi

Malindi is located in Kilifi County in Kenya. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in East Africa. It is about 120 km northeast of Mombasa town. Its GPS coordinates are 3.2192° S and 40.1169° E.

Malindi is a popular tourist destination in Kenya. Travelers love its beaches because of their white, soft, and clean sand. It has many other attractions including national parks, Gedi Ruins, and historical sites. Travelers enjoy bird watching, wildlife viewing, and many water sports.

You can reach Malindi via road or air. From Mombasa town, it takes about 2.5 hours via road. There are scheduled flights from Nairobi, Mombasa, and Lamu to Malindi Airport. There are also private charters. Tour operators arrange for transfers from the airport to the accommodation.

Tourists visit Malindi across the year. The climate is usually good for many activities. But the best time is between May to October. The coldest it gets during this period is around 23℃. But Malindi is a popular destination all year round.