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Mahale Mountains National Park is located in the Kigoma region in Tanzania. It covers an area of 1613 square kilometers. It has several attractions including Male Mountains, chimps, wildlife, and Lake Tanganyika. It is a perfect destination to enjoy chimp trekking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, and water sports. The best time to enjoy these activities is between July and October. Here are reasons why you should add Mahale Mountains National Park to your itinerary.

Mahale Mountains National Park animals

The main attraction in the park is the population of Mahale chimpanzees. It is home to over 800 chimps. Tourists from across the world visit the park to see these unique primates. Other common primates are the vervet monkey, blue monkey, yellow baboon, and red colobus. Other Mahale Mountains National Park animals are four of the Big Five. These are lions, leopards, buffalos, and elephants. The park has many other mammals including zebras, giraffes, hippos, and wild dogs. The best time to spot these animals is between May and October. It is easier to track chimps in the park. Most animals gather around water sources.


Mahale Mountains National Park is rich in birdlife. It is home to more than 350 species. These range from water birds, and migratory birds, to forest birds. Some of the common species are bamboo warbler, giant kingfisher, African fish eagle, and Ross’s turaco among others. Most of these species are present across the year. But the best time to enjoy bird watching is between November and April. It is easier to spot forest birds because it is the breeding season. Also, migratory birds from northern Africa and Europe are present in this period.


Mahale Mountains National Park has great scenery. Lake Tanganyika is a beautiful feature of the park. It is the longest freshwater lake. It is home to over 1,000 fish species. Visitors love the sightings of colorful tropical fish. The white sandy beaches and steep escarpment of the lake create a stunning view. The park also has a beautiful waterfall.


The park has a good climate for many safari activities. It has two seasons. The dry season is between May and October. Afternoon temperatures are around 27°C. They drop to around 14°C. The wet season is between November and April. During this season, the park is usually cooler.

FAQs About Mahale Mountains National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park is located in the Kigoma region in Tanzania. This is on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. It is in the remote western side of Tanzania. Its coordinates are 6.2667° S and 29.9333° E. You can easily get there by flight.

A popular activity in Mahale Mountains National Park is trekking chimps. A park guide helps tourists in chimp trekking. While trekking chimps, you get to spot other primates, birds, and beautiful vegetation. Guided nature walks allow tourists to explore the Mahale Mountains. It is a good chance to have great views of different species in the park. Bird watching is usually excellent in the park. Tourists enjoy the sightings of water, forest, and migratory birds. Fishing is a common activity in the park. It is done between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm. Other common activities are Kayaking and Snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika.

It is possible to enjoy most park activities all year round. But the best time is during the dry season. This is between July and October. Most animals favor lower slopes making it easier to spot them.

Tourists get there by road, air, or water transport. The park is accessible by roads. But road travel may be a challenge during the wet season. From Kigoma, you can get there by boat. You can also choose air transport. Tour operators arrange for scheduled or chartered flights to Mahale airstrip.