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Lake Bogoria National Reserve is a small reserve located in Baringo County. Most travelers add it to their itinerary for a day safari. It is famous for its large population of pink flamingos. The lake itself and hot springs enhance the scenery in the reserve. It is a safe place to visit. You can combine it with other destinations such as Lake Nakuru National Park. Here are some of the reasons you should visit Lake Bogoria National Reserve.


Lake Bogoria National Reserve is not perfect for wildlife viewing only. There are few wild animals in the reserve. The common ones are leopard tortoises, warthog, zebra, impala, gazelle, and dik dik. The reserve is home to the remaining greater kudu. But it is hard to spot them. They are very shy.

The reserve is rich in birdlife. It is home to over 350 species of birds. Lake Bogoria is famous for bird watching. Some of the common birds are grey crowned crane, African fish eagle, and Egyptian vulture. But the main attraction is the population of Lake Bogoria flamingos. Sometimes, millions of greater flamingos can be spotted in the lake. The number varies depending on the season.  When the water levels are very high, the number may decline to thousands. But the reserve is a perfect destination for seeing large flocks of these water birds. It is also easy to spot many other species of birds in the reserve.


For breathtaking scenery, add Lake Bogoria National Reserve to your itinerary. The sight of a large population of pink flamingos is stunning. Lake Bogoria hot springs are interesting landmarks. They remind visitors of the tectonic activity that shaped the Great Rift Valley. You can boil an egg in the hot springs. The lake is itself an amazing feature of the reserve.


Lake Bogoria is famous for its warm temperatures. It is close to the equator. As a result, temperatures don’t change much across the year. The dry season is between September and February. But there are short rains between November and December. During the daytime, temperatures are around 28°C. But they drop at night and early mornings to around 11°C. January and February are very dry but warm. Temperatures are around 30°C during the day and 11°C during the night and early mornings. March to August is the wet season. But temperatures are favorable for safaris.

FAQs About Lake Bogoria National Reserve

It is located in Baringo County, Kenya. The county is located near the northwest side of the biggest capital city, Nairobi. The bearing degree is 328 ° to Baringo from Nairobi. The distance between Lake Bogoria National Reserve and Nairobi is 239 km. The park covers 107 sq. km. Its coordinates are at 0.2346° N, and 36.1055° E (latitude and longitude).

There are several things to do at the reserve. Bird watching or watching pink flamingos is the most common activity. You can enjoy a bicycle safari around the reserve. It is a great opportunity to appreciate nature. You can enjoy nature walks in the reserve. 

Most likely, you will get to Kenya through Nairobi. This is the tourist hub. You will land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. From here, you can get to the reserve by road. This is about 239 km. Your tour operator will pick you up with a safari vehicle to the destination. There are no domestic flights to this reserve. But your tour operator may organize charter flights to the nearby airstrip.

You can visit the reserve at any time across the year. You will always find the famous pink flamingos. The reserve receives rain between November and December and March and May. So, the weather is more pleasant between January and February and between June to October.