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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is one of the tourist destinations in the Laikipia Plateau. But it is among the most successful conservancies in East Africa. Common Lewa Wildlife Conservancy animals are rhinos, ostriches, zebras, elephants, and many others. Here is why you should add Lewa Wildlife Conservancy animals to your itinerary.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is home to northern species. These are animals found north of the equator. These include Somali ostrich, beisa oryx, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, and reticulated giraffe. It is home to endangered species. These include black rhinos and chimps. It is home to the Big Five. This means that you can spot a lion, a leopard, an elephant, a buffalo, and a hippo. It is a haven for other wild animals. These include cheetahs, wild dogs, wildebeest, and hyenas among others.

The conservation is home to over 350 bird species. Some of the common species are the Secretary bird, crane, Somali Ostrich, and red-bellied parrot. It is a perfect destination for watching birds.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has a great climate for safari tours. It is located at 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Days tend to be dry and hot. Nights are a bit cool. Carry light clothes for the day and warm for evenings.

The region experiences two seasons. The dry season is between June and September. Temperatures during the day are around 25°C. They fall at night and early mornings to around 10°C. The wet season is between October and November and March and May.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has attractive scenery. From a distance, the snow-capped peak of the highest mountain in Kenya is visible. Rolling semi-arid plains with acacia trees dominates the conservancy. It has several viewing points that make it beautiful. It also has a large swamp area with yellow fever trees. Visitors love the beautiful landscape that supports wildlife in the conservancy.

Neighboring destinations

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a perfect destination for viewing wildlife, walking safaris, horse riding, and camel trekking. But you can also combine it with other destinations. The nearby conservancies include Borana, Solia, Loisaba, and Ol Pejeta among other places. Lewa Conservancy accommodation is readily available. Several lodges offer something different to meet the needs of different guests. You are guaranteed a memorable safari experience.

FAQs About Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

It is located in Laikipia. It is one of the conservancies in the Laikipia Plateau. It is in the north of Mount Kenya and South of Isiolo town. It is found about 258 km from Nairobi. You can travel by road or fly to this destination. Its latitude is 0.225386 ° N. The longitude is 37.440852 ° E.

The Conservancy is easily accessible. You have two options to get there. The first option is road travel. The Conservancy is about 4 hours from the biggest capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Your tour operator will pick you up from your hotel or airport. You will then enjoy a safari drive via the Nairobi-Thika-Isiolo road. The roads are well-connected. It is a good chance to explore Kenyan beauty.

The second option is air travel. You can use commercial flights to fly from Wilson Airport to the conservancy. Private flights are also allowed to the destination. Your tour operator will arrange your flights. You just need to choose your best option.

Malaria may be present in the conservancy. Prevention measures are recommended. You may take antimalaria, carry mosquito repellant, and dress well to avoid mosquito bite.

Several vaccines are recommended. These include;

The dry season is the best time to view Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This is between June and September. Animals are more visible and roads are passable. The Conservancy is temporarily closed during the wet season (March to May).