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Kora National Park is one of the best tourist destinations in Kenya. It is the former home of George Adamson. He is a famous wildlife conservationist. Poachers were a major threat to the park in the 80s and 90s. The government’s efforts to protect wildlife have reduced poaching. Today, Kora park is a great place to visit in Kenya. It has beautiful scenery. It is also a good place to enjoy wildlife viewing. This protected area covers 1,787 sq. km. Why is Kora National Park a great destination?


The park offers stunning scenery. Tana River itself is a beautiful feature. It is the key source of water in the park, especially during the dry season. During the rainy season, pools of water form providing water to locals and wildlife. Tana River has several features that beautify the park. These include Kora Rapids, Grand Falls, and Adamson’s Falls. The park enjoys a pristine wilderness. This is an untouched environment with limited human activities. Inselbergs or domed hills interrupt the plains in the park


Kora National Park is not home to many wild animals. So, it is not the best destination for wildlife viewing.  One of the reasons for the low densities of animals is poaching. But you can spot some animals such as hyenas, antelope, hippos, and elephants. The park is connected to other reserves and parks. For instance, it is connected to Meru National Park. Animals roam across the borders.

The park is home to many species of birds. Some of the common species are night herons, parrots, barbet, and Malindi pipit.


The park has a favorable climate. The dry season is usually between June and September. In November and December, the park receives short rains. Long rains are received between March and May. During this wet season, it may be difficult to explore the park.

Local communities

Local communities have unique traditions. Tourists enjoy interacting with them. You get to learn a lot about African cultures. Locals are involved in the conservation of the park. To meet and interact with the locals, add the park to your itinerary.

FAQs About Kora National Park

It is located in Tana River County in Kenya. The park is located in the northeastern direction of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The distance from Nairobi to the park is about 280 km. It is located at a latitude of 0.2001° S, and a longitude of 38.7169° E.

The park provides several activities. Game drives are common to view animals that roam across the parks. Travelers enjoy bird watching. You can enjoy fishing in the Tana River. Locals depend on this activity for a living. Other common activities are guided nature walks and rock climbing. 

Kora National Park accommodation is readily available and affordable. You can choose from luxury, mid-range, and budget options. Some of the popular lodges are Chui Cottages, Elsa’ Kopje Lodge, and Meru Guest House. Campsites such as Kampi Baridi and the Ken Mare are also available.

You can get there by road. The park is 280 km from Nairobi. You access it via Thika to Mwingi.  You need a 4×4 to travel by road to the park. Your tour operator will arrange for a good safari vehicle.  You can also travel by air. Three airstrips including Masanduku, Kyethoni, and Kampi ya Simba allow travelers to access the camp.

You can visit it across the year. But your safari may be difficult during the wet season. The roads may not be passable. The grass may also be too long to spot animals. The dry season may be the best time to visit the park. This is usually between June and September.