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Kibale National Park is a popular safari destination in Uganda. It is popular for its chimp trekking safaris. It covers an area of about 776 km2. It is home to many species of primates, mammals, and birds. It is the most reliable destination for chimp trekking, especially during the dry season. Here are reasons why you should visit Kibale National Park.


The park is rich in wildlife. Tourists from across the world visit Uganda to see primates in Kibale National Park. It is home to 13 species of primates. One of these species is the chimpanzee. The park is home to a huge population of chimps. Spotting a chimp is almost a guarantee. The most common activity in the park is trekking these primates. The park offers guided morning and afternoon treks. A group of about 6 tourists is allowed to spend about an hour with chimps. Tourists are also allowed to join a habituation research team in the park. This is a great chance to spend more time with chimps in the park.

Other primates in Kibale National Park are baboons, Uganda mangabey, and red colobus monkeys among others. The park is home to other mammal species. These include bush pigs, warthogs, bushbucks, buffalos, and elephants among others. The dry season is the best time to enjoy chimp trekking. It is also the best time for spotting other primates and mammals in the park.


Birds are among the key attractions in Kibale National Park. It has recorded over 370 species of birds. Some common species are tropical boubou, great blue turaco, and slender-billed weaver. Residents are common in the park across the year. But the best time to watch them is between May and September. This season receives less rainfall. Forest trails and roads are in better condition for birding. December to January can also be a good time for birding.


The park has about 229 tree species that create a lovely view. It hosts the most attractive and diversified zones of tropical forest. Its habitat range from the evergreen forest, dry tropical forest, savannah grassland, and woodlands. Its flora combined with its fauna creates a stunning view.


Kibale National Park weather is usually humid and temperate. It has two seasons. The dry season is between June to July and December to February.  Daytime temperatures are around 28°C. They drop at night to around 14°C. The driest months are the best for chimp trekking and other park activities.

The wet season is between August to November and March to May. Temperatures range between 15°C and 27°C. Roads in the park and forest trails become slippery during these months.

FAQs about Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is located in Kabarole District. This is in the western part of Uganda. It is near Fort Portal town. Its coordinates are 0.4862° N and 30.3897° E. It is about 315 km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Tourists engage in various activities in the park. Wildlife and birds are key attractions in Kibale National Park. Tourists engage in chimp trekking, wildlife viewing, and bird watching. Other common activities are hiking, nature walks, crater lake tours, and cultural tours.

Kibale National Park is accessible across the year. But the best time to visit the park is when forest trails and roads are dry and passable. This is during the dry months. These are June to September and December to February. The climate is usually pleasant for chimp trekking and other activities.

You can get there by road. There is a bus running daily from Kampala to Fort port town. There is a distance of about 360 km. From Entebbe International Airport, tour operators take care of transfers to the park.