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Dubai is among the most unique cities across the globe. It is known for its attractions such as the tallest building in the world. It is popular for its diversity. People travel from across the world to work, live, or visit the city. This creates a new level of cultural interaction. Its unique architecture and innovation make it a unique tourist destination. Let us explore Dubai trips 2022.

About Dubai

Before we look at Dubai trips 2022, let’s look at some facts about Dubai. It is one of the 7 United Arab Emirates. Once, it was a small fishing village. Today, it is among the most cosmopolitan cities in the Arabian Gulf. It is home to over 200 nationalities. Visitors report unforgettable experiences in the city. The official language is Arabia. But other languages such as English, Hindi, and Chinese are common. This is because of the foreign workers in the city.

Attractions in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is always at the top of the Dubai trips 2022. The building is about 828 meters tall. This makes it the tallest building in the world. It has over 160 stories. It has the highest number of stories across the globe. The building is now a top destination for tourism and travel. The Burj Khalifa is magnificent with a spectacular view. It has an excellent exterior that attracts tourists from across the world. The building is also in a safe environment. It has the fastest elevators that can run up to 10 meters per second. These elevators almost guarantee safety in case of an emergency.

The Dubai Mall

This is a top tourist destination in the city. Did you know that it is the largest mall in the world? Oh yes, it is. It should be included in the Dubai trips 2022. You can shop for your favorite brands in the mall. It is full of retail stores. It has access to attractions such as Dubai Aquarium, the Dubai Fountain, and Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Fountain

This is the tallest performing fountain in the world. It shoots water up to great heights. At any moment, the fountain has over 22,000 gallons of water while performing. It performs different songs. There is a floating platform close to the fountain. This allows travelers to have a closer experience of the captivating performance.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

It is located in the Dubai Mall. It offers an extraordinary experience of ocean life. It is among the largest indoor aquariums globally. It hosts a diverse collection of aquatic life. Visitors get close to sea horses, penguins, and jellyfish among others.

Burj al-Arab

Along the coastline of Dubai is the tallest hotel in the world. Why not take tea in the Burj al-Arab? You will love the unique design of this hotel. It has luxurious suites. But it is among the most expensive hotels in the UAE.


Dubai is known for its white fine sand beaches. The beaches are on the Arabic Gulf. You can visit public beaches. These are soft and clean. But Dubai is also known for private and luxury beaches. One of the top beaches is the JBR Open Beach. It is known for its sandy white bliss. It has great facilities such as restaurants, water sports, and lounges. Also, you don’t have to worry about safety. Lifeguards are always patrolling the beach. This makes swimming on the beach safe for families. Other top beach destinations for Dubai visitors include La Mer and Umm Suqeim Beach. Umm Suqeim is best for kitesurfing. This is because of the prevailing wind in the area. You can contact us for more on the beaches for Dubai trips 2022.

Desert safaris

Tourists enjoy desert safaris in Dubai. These include safaris to the Dubai Desert or the Arabian Desert. Other common activities include camel rides, dune bashing, and quad bikes. You can even choose an overnight safari experience.

Water parks

 Visitors love water parks in Dubai. The parks offer family-friendly activities. You can visit Laguna Park. You will enjoy activities that will get your heart racing. But you can choose to just relax in the park. Other popular parks include Aquaventure and Legoland Water parks.

Theme parks

Dubai has the largest indoor theme park. It is known as the IMF Worlds of Adventure. You can choose this park or Motiongate Dubai. You will experience the magic of these parks.

Dubai deals 2022

You can get the best Dubai deals 2022 while in Kenya or across the globe. Here, we focus on some of the best deals.

Dubai honeymoon packages

Dubai is an ideal place for a honeymoon. You can pick a package with activities that you love as a couple. For example, you can choose a package that offers desert camping, cruising, or sky diving. Dubai also has the best hotels for romantic dinners. The Canvas Hotel Dubai is a good option for a honeymoon holiday. You can choose Carlton Al Barsha Hotel. It is more affordable compared to luxury options. You will have many options for a great honeymoon experience.

West East Executive Tours and Travel Dubai packages 2022

You may consider West East Executive Tours and Travel Dubai packages 2022 for a honeymoon. They have packages for different destinations. For example, you can choose the Fortune Grand Hotel package. It costs about $588. You can choose Pullman Dubai Creek City. It costs about $758. Included in the cost are accommodation, meals, safari vehicles, and flight tickets among others. The company offers many Dubai vacation packages all-inclusive 2022. It also offers a Dubai trip package for couples.

Other deals include adventure packages. You can visit Dubai for a new adventure. You just need to choose the best package for you. You can visit Dubai to be part of an event or festival. This can be a special holiday with loved ones. It can be relaxing. It is a great way of spicing your life. You can also visit Dubai just for luxury or leisure. There are good packages that will give you a memorable experience. You can visit Dubai any time of the year. But the winter season may be the best because the weather is favorable. It is usually between November and March. Summers tend to be extremely hot for activities such as desert safaris.

Dubai is rich in tourist attractions from unique buildings to desert safaris. There is something for families, couples, investors, and any traveler. This is why you should visit the city. Here, we have identified some of the attractions in Dubai. Get in touch for more details on Dubai trips 2022.