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It is good to celebrate your marriage with your lover. The best way to do this is to enjoy a honeymoon holiday. Cairo is one of the top destinations for a romantic honeymoon experience. Here, we explore Cairo honeymoon options.

Attractions in Cairo

Cairo is one of the few cities with great attractions. During your Cairo honeymoon, you can visit these attractions. Here, is a list of some of the main attractions.

The Pyramids are the most visited attractions in the world. It is a half-day trip. You will see mortuary temples that attract travelers from across the world. The pyramids are on the outskirts of Cairo. They were built as tombs for ancient queens and kings. Egypt has many other pyramids. But the Giza Pyramids are popular and preserved well.

Travelers enjoy visiting the City at the Citadel. It is an ancient city built in 1176.  It has monuments such as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. It is a great landmark that attracts tourists. The city has great museums such as the Carriage Museum. Travelers love viewing the architecture.

This is among the top tourist attractions in Cairo. It was completed in 972 CE. This makes it the oldest mosque. It is also one of the finest buildings in Cairo.

For the great collections in the world, consider visiting the Egyptian museum. You will see collections such as a mummified monkey. You will see many treasures displayed in the museum.

For the whole story of human history in Egypt, this is the perfect place. You will see the Royal Mummies here. Some popular mummies displayed here include Ramses II and III.

Cairo honeymoon

Cairo has many tourist attractions. This makes it a perfect place for honeymoon holidays. Here, we look at some of Cairo’s honeymoon options.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel

For a great Cairo honeymoon experience, you can choose the Four Seasons Hotel. After celebrating with family and friends, it is time for the two of you. You need to celebrate together as a couple. The hotel has several plans for a great honeymoon. These include;

You can choose from a variety of accommodations. A superior room costs about USD 560 per night. A deluxe room is about USD 585 per night. A Nile-view room is about USD 620. Apart from guest rooms, the hotel has suites. You can choose from royal, presidential, Nile, diplomatic, or executive suites.

Upper Deck Lounge is part of the Four Seasons Hotel. You can enjoy a romance on the rooftop in the lounge.

The hotel is known for the best Cairo honeymoon experiences. This is because it overlooks the Giza pyramids. Local couples as well as visitors love the place for romantic dates. You will enjoy a delicious buffet for breakfast. They offer a 5-star luxury experience. Take great photos as you enjoy your honeymoon. The magic experience will always remind you to cherish your love.

Another popular hotel for honeymoon holidays is the Revolving Restaurant. It is located in the Grand Nile Tower. It is on the 41st floor. You get views of the Nile while enjoying your delicious meal. The hotel is also placed in a position that allows you to see Cairo city and the pyramids. You and your lover will enjoy rotating 360 degrees in a calm environment. They offer romantic dinners. You should not miss out on this romantic experience.

For a unique Cairo honeymoon, you can avoid the city. You can choose a Nile Dinner Cruise. You will enjoy a night-time cruise for about 2 hours. The cruise includes belly and Sufi dancing performances. You will enjoy a romantic dinner buffet. A tour company will take you from your hotel to the Nile for the cruise. After the cruise, you will be transferred to your hotel. You may pay as low as $95 for this romantic experience. The price includes transport, a tour guide, drinks, and dinner.

You can have a romantic relaxation on the Red Sea. You will fall in love again after the warm weather in Hurghada. You will enjoy traveling by boat to Orange Island. Here, you will enjoy snorkeling and other water sports. You will also enjoy a lavish buffet lunch. You can enjoy a relaxing day on the fine sandy beach or the clear water.

You can choose to discover Cairo for your honeymoon holiday. You will visit several attractions including Egyptian Museum and Giza Pyramids. You may pay as low as $240.  The price includes transport, a guide, and meals. Airfare, optional activities, and visa costs are excluded.

You can choose a package that combines Cairo and other places. For example, you can choose Cairo/Giza/Hurghada tour. You will enjoy a week full of excitement and beauty. In Cairo, you will visit the Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, and other attractions. Then, you will explore the city of Hurghada.

You can choose a 6-day package to explore the city. You and your lover will enjoy walking among the streets of Cairo. The decoration and architecture are spectacular. You will see breathtaking treasures such as Fustat, Ottman, and Mamluks. You will visit museums, palaces, and mosques. This will be a memorable experience. Expect to pay as low as $565. The package caters to accommodation, transfer costs, and meals. But you will have to pay for airfare, visa, and personal items.

The world has many great places for honeymoon experiences. Here, we have explored Cairo honeymoon options. Cairo seems to offer a lot for couples. Don’t miss out on any of these. You can reach out for more.