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Buffalo Springs National Reserve is one of the best tourist destinations in Kenya. It is located in Isiolo County. This protected area was established in 1948.  It is one of the best places for spotting leopards. Underground water feeds Buffalo Springs, that is, Samburu and Shaba. They attract different species of wildlife, especially during the dry season. Along the borders are Samburu people who you must visit during your safari. Let’s learn some of the reasons you should visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve.


Buffalo Springs National Reserve is home to most animals found in other parks in Kenya. You are almost guaranteed to see an elephant in the park. You can spot a leopard. Lions are rare. You may not spot a rhino in the park. You are almost guaranteed to see a reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, zebra, Oryx, and zebra.

The reserve is home to many bird species. Some common species include guinea fowls, ostriches, pigeons, vultures, and doves.

The reserve has several types of vegetation. There are riverine forests as well as open woodland vegetation. Common species of trees include acacia woodlands and toothbrush trees.

Weather and climate

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is usually hot and dry. The average temperature during the day is 32°C. Normally, nights are cool. The average temperature is 16°C.  The dry season is usually between June and September. During this season, the sun is usually very hot, especially in the afternoon. Travelers enjoy game drives early in the morning and evening to avoid the sun.

The wet season is between October and May. The region receives short rains between October and December. The long rains follow between March and May. Enjoying game drives during this season may be a challenge.


The reserve offers beautiful scenery. One of its features is the Ewaso Nyiro River. It is an attractive feature. It is the best spot for spotting birds and wild animals in the game reserve. It is the permanent source of water in the region. Along the banks of the river are grasses, doum palm forests, and thick acacia. This environment attracts animals such as hippos, buffaloes, and crocodiles.

Samburu local people

The game reserve shares a border with the Samburu people. These are welcoming and friendly people. Interacting with the local people allows tourists to learn about African cultures. During your safari, you can visit the locals in their villages. Some of the activities you may enjoy include milking goats, throwing spears, and cultural dances.

FAQs About Buffalo Springs National Reserve

It is located in Isiolo County in the northern part of the country. This is about 355 km north of Nairobi. By road, it would take you about 5 to 6 hours to get to the reserve from Nairobi. Its latitude and longitude coordinates are 0.521479°N and 37.61737°E

The most popular safari activities in the park are game drives and bird watching. But you can also enjoy walking safaris and cultural safaris.

The game reserve is located 355 km north of Nairobi. Nairobi is the main transport hub in Kenya. From here, you can travel by road to the reserve. Your tour operator will make the necessary arrangements for a smooth journey. You can also fly from Nairobi to the game reserve. Again, your tour operator will help you book domestic flights.

In Buffalo Springs National Reserve, accommodation is readily available. You can choose from the budget, midrange, and luxury safari lodges. Some of the popular lodges are Ashnil Samburu camp and Samburu Sopa Lodge among others.

If you want to view wildlife, visit Buffalo Springs National Reserve during the dry season. This is between June and September. If you are a photographer, the wetter season may be the best time. You will love the stunning scenery in the reserve. The rains bring out African beauty.