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For the passionate naturalist, the 8-day Ultimate Uganda tour is the best safari trip. Uganda’s top gorilla and wildlife safari locations are the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Murchison Falls National Park, Bigodi Wetland, Kibale National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Maramagambo Forest, and the Katwe-Kikorongo Explosion Craters.


Day 1: Leave Kampala for Murchison Falls

The guide for your Uganda mountain gorilla and wildlife safari adventure holidays trip will meet you at your hotel or residence in Kampala, the country’s capital. Your first stop will be the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary as you drive into the Nakasongola neighborhood. In Uganda, the sanctuary is the sole place where rhinos are bred for wildlife safaris. In addition to rhino trekking, the sanctuary offers opportunities to observe several bird and mammal species.

Day 2: Game drive and a boat tour in the Murchison Falls National Park

Following breakfast, you’ll travel to the Murchison Falls headquarters, where you’ll meet with the wildlife game rangers before embarking on a guided game drive through Uganda’s renowned Murchison Falls National Park. You will be in awe as you pass by nature animals on the game drive.

Day 3: Travel to Kibale Forest National Park- Tour Bigodi Wetland

You will leave Murchison Falls National Park early in the morning after breakfast and go to Kibale National Park, Uganda’s top primate tour location, for additional adventure vacation adventures. After entering Kibale National Park, you will travel to Bigodi Wetland, a swampy jungle area well-known for its plethora of natural resources.

More than 138 bird species have been noted in the swamp, including the magnificent Blue Turaco, White-spotted Flufftail, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Western Nicator, Black-crowned Waxbill, Black Bishop, Superb Sunbird, Brown-throated Wattle-eye, White-breasted Negro-finch, Grey-winged Robin-chat, Brown-crowned Tchagra, and Black-and-White Shrike Flycatcher.

Day 4: Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park- Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early in the morning, you will go to the Kibale National Park headquarters. After receiving a briefing from knowledgeable wildlife rangers, you’ll go on a trip to see chimpanzees. The most well-liked safari park in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park, is where you’ll go once your afternoon chimpanzee trekking tour is through. This park is where you can see lions that can climb trees.

Day 5: Game drive in Queen Elizabeth then Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel

Driving to the park headquarters after breakfast, you will receive a briefing before departing on a morning game drive to discover the wildlife in the royal Queen Elizabeth. The Channel Drive Circuit and the Kasenyi Plains Drive are two of the park’s most well-known game drive routes. After lunch, you will embark on a boat trip on Kazinga Channel, a 40 km long waterway between Lake Edward and Lake George. You will have the opportunity to see numerous hippos, Nile crocodiles, and waterbirds.

Day 6: Game Drive In the Ishasha and transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

You will drive to Queen Elizabeth’s Ishasha Region, known for its wildlife and tree-climbing lions, after eating breakfast early in the morning. You have lunch when your game drive is over. Then you travel to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. After dinner and some rest before the excursion the following day, you arrive in the evening.

Day 7: Batwa Experience and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

You should report to the headquarters of the park for a briefing on proper gorilla tracking protocol after breakfast to start the day’s Uganda tours safari activities. The hike consists of trudging up and down slick hills through thick, mist-covered vegetation. You will subsequently meet the local Batwa and Bakiga, who will perform a cultural performance after you have spent an hour or more taking pictures and observing the habituated gorillas, their behavioral patterns, and how they bond and interact with and interact with one another.

Day 8: Return to Kampala

At 7:30 am, you’ll eat breakfast before leaving for the drive back to Kampala. Your eight-day, ultimate Uganda Gorilla and wildlife trip will come to a close with this.

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