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Via West East Tours and Safaris all-inclusive vacation, you will have the opportunity to spend eight days exploring Kenya and everything that the country has to offer. Your journey will begin in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and continue on to Samburu, where you will go on an afternoon game drive to catch your very first view of the wildlife that can be found in this part of East Africa. You will also have the chance to travel to well-known tourist destinations such as the Aberdares, the Baringo, Lake Nakuru, and the Masai Mara park.


Day 1: Aberdare National Park

You can leave Nairobi after breakfast and make your way to Nyeri, where the late Lord Baden Powell, the Boy Scouts’ founder, spent the final years of his life and is buried. Drive through the forest and stop for lunch at the Aberdare Country Club before you head out to see the wildlife. You’ll pass by these on the way to your treehouse inn. You may observe wildlife even after dark from the comfort of your room, thanks to the balcony’s view of the floodlit waterhole. Stay at the Treetops Lodge or The Ark Lodge.

Day 2: Samburu National Park

After a hearty breakfast, set out for the Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya’s far north. Go to the Samburu Game Reserve in time for lunch, and then spend the afternoon on a safari. Rare animals including reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, Beisa Oryx, and blue-necked Somali ostriches can be seen in this gorgeous park. Stay at the Samburu Lodge for the night.

You will spend the whole of the day visiting the Samburu reserve and the several types of game that can be found there. Overnight, just like the previous example.

Day 4: Nakuru National Park

Go for Lake Nakuru in the Great Rift Valley to the north of the Aberdare Mountains after breakfast. Take a trip to Lake Nakuru National Park, one of the best places in the world to see flamingos and other flamingo-related birds. Stay at the luxurious Sarova Lion Hill Lodge for the night.

Day 5: Lake Baringo

Following breakfast, head to Lake Baringo and Bogoria, the new homes of the Kenya flamingo, to observe the birds in their massive flocks beside the water and soak in the natural hot springs of Baringo. Lake Baringo County Club for supper and an overnight stay.

Day 6: Masai Mara

After a night spent in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, you will leave this morning to make the crossing of the Great Rift Valley. After refueling at the Sarova Mara Lodge, set out into the plains and hills in search of a variety of hoofed animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, cheetahs, and more. Stay at the Mara Sopa Lodge or the Sarova Mara Lodge for the night.

Day 7: Masai Mara

You should get up early so you can see the sunrise over the Masai Mara. When the air is still chilly, you can see leopards and lions hunt as the sun begins to drop over the savannah. After a leisurely late breakfast, you can either stay at the lodge until lunch and then explore the park, or pack a picnic lunch and set out on an adventure to see what you can see, such as following the seasonal Wildebeest Migration or searching for the Big Five.

Day 8: Masai Mara-Nairobi

After breakfast, you will leave the Masai Mara and head back to Nairobi for your onward journey. After breakfast, you’ll leave the Masai Mara and head back to Nairobi to catch your flight.

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