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That one trip you and your spouse will remember fondly for the rest of your lives together. That could only happen in Zanzibar! This seaside getaway mixes leisurely sightseeing with time in the forest and visits to local attractions. You may participate in a variety of water sports, visit the lively Zanzibari market, and reconnect with nature on a hike through the Jozani woodland and Kizimbani Village on the well-known Spice Tour. To guarantee that you enjoy a memorable romantic trip, we have booked you into a high-end hotel with top-notch service.


Day 1: Arrival in Zanzibar

Transfer from Zanzibar Airport to Stone Town. Stone Town, Zanzibar’s historic district and cultural epicenter, looks much as it did 200 years ago. There are narrow streets, crowded bazaars, beautiful mosques, and opulent Arab homes whose original owners competed with one another in terms of architectural grandeur.

Bed and breakfast at the Tembo House Hotel.

Day 2: Stone Town Tour & Boat Trip to Changuu Island

We’ll be touring the most picturesque areas of the Old Town today. Tour participants will have ample opportunity to see the Arab Fort, the Natural History Museum, the Palace Museum, the House of Wonders, and the Sultan’s Palace, all located on the site of the ancient slave market. You’ll also get to explore the twisting lanes and ornately carved and studded doors of Zanzibar’s bazaar.

Stone Town in Zanzibar is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site after being designated as such in recent years. Our driver will take you to a restaurant for lunch after the Stone Town Tour (your expense, paid directly to the restaurant).

You can visit Changuu (Prison) Island by catching a local boat (with an outboard engine) in the afternoon. The quaint island of Changuu is roughly a half-hour boat ride from Zanzibar Town, or around 5 kilometers away. This spot was once used to lock up disobedient slaves in solitude. In addition to its natural beauty, the island is home to a population of huge Aldabra tortoises and a flock of stunning peacocks.

After a day of sightseeing, come back to the hotel and lay out on the white sand beach, go snorkeling, or do nothing at all. In the evening, head back to Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Bed and breakfast at the Tembo House Hotel.

Day 3: Jozani Forest & Cultural Visit

Today, we’ll take you on a full day tour of the southern half of Zanzibar Island, beginning with Jozani Forest, one of the last surviving homes of the endangered red colubus monkey. Along the trails, you might be able to catch a glimpse of one of the endangered species that calls the forest reserves home. A minimum of two hours is required to fully explore the forest.

The next stop is Jambiani Village, where tours take visitors to see locals at work in a variety of fields. Our tour guide provides some background on the local community. An indigenous healer or herbalist will take you on a tour of the local medicinal plants and their applications. We travel to a place where local women harvest seaweed in harsh conditions on coral stone plantations.  This is a great opportunity to get to know local Swahili people and experience the rich culture and varied landscape of Zanzibar’s rural areas.

Come back to the hotel later that night.

Day 4: Spice Tour & Pwani Mchangani Beach

Bed and breakfast at the Tembo House Hotel. We leave for the Spice Tour in Kizimbani Village after breakfast. Oman Arabs brought more than forty of the world’s most prized scented tropical plants to the Spice Island over the course of two centuries. Spices are cultivated on the hills to the north of Stone Town, known as the spice grades. We have expert tour guides who will show you around. Fruits including jack fruits, bread fruits, karambola, pineapple, lychees, etc. can be found here. If these fruits are in season, you should try them.

Plants like the cardamon tree, cinnamon tree, clove tree, black pepper tree, nutmeg tree, and henna bush are all available for viewing. The area around the Kizimbani is a great representation of daily life in Zanzibar.

Following the Spice Tour, we travel the 60 kilometers up the northeastern coast of Zanzibar Island to Pwani Mchangani Beach, where we’ll be staying at the luxurious Ocean Paradise Beach Resort.

Stay in an Ocean Paradise room with breakfast and dinner included.

Day 5-6: Pwani Mchangani Beach

Pwani Mchangani Beach is a great place to unwind, and water activities are available there for a fee.

The Ocean Paradise Resort Zanzibar is an ideal vacation destination for a couple. As you drive down the grand driveway, a Masai warrior will stand at attention and salute you as you enter the compound. Some of the attractions you may expect to see on your vacation to Zanzibar include swaying coconut palms, a white sand beach, magnificent planted gardens, traditional-style round cottages with pitched makuti roofs, a breathtaking waterfall feature, and the largest swimming pool on the island.

Stay One Night at the Ocean Paradise Beach Resort with Breakfast and Dinner Included.

Day 7: Departure

Leave for your flight back home and have a transfer arranged.

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