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A honeymoon in Madagascar would be very unforgettable. It boasts stunning islands in the Indian Ocean, some of which have beaches that are just as secluded and attractive as those in the Seychelles. What really sets apart a honeymoon in Madagascar, though, is the abundance of opportunities for exciting exploration away from the island’s picture-perfect beaches and plush resorts. Some facilities on the island offer world-class snorkeling and diving, while others let guests get up close and personal with fascinating indigenous species like Madagascar’s lemurs and exotic birds.


Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo and transfer to your Luxury Lodge

Our guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel where you may unwind before supper and bedtime.

Day 2: Domestic flight from Antananarivo to Nosy Be

Get a ride to the airport for your 1 hour, 15 minute journey to Nosy Be. You’ll be treated to one of the most fragrant sights in all of Madagascar as you pass through ylang-ylang plantations. Travel towards the island city of Hellville and along the coast to the town of Dzamanzary.

Day 3: Relaxation at Nosy be

Nosy Be is the most popular tourist destination in Madagascar, and for good reason. The island’s powdery white sands attract visitors from all over the world. However, the “Island of Perfumes” also boasts a diverse and productive ocean floor. The whale shark of Madagascar is master of the deep. Nosy Be is the only place in the world where you can swim with the world’s largest shark year-round.

Day 4: Relaxation at Nosy be

Relaxing on Nosy Be’s pristine beaches is how you’ll spend the day. Spend time with your special someone, bask in the sun, or cool down in the pool at your luxurious Lodge.

Day 5: Visit Hell Ville visit – Marodoka – Lemuria Land (private excursion)

Get on the bus in the morning to visit the spice market and the fruits of hell city. Take a tuk-tuk later to see Marodoka’s historical sites. Listen to traditional dances performed by Ravinala women to learn more about Indian culture. Have lunch there, then unwind back at the resort.

Day 6: Visit Nosy Iranja (group excursion)

Take a motorboat to Iranja Island after breakfast at the hotel. The island may be tiny, but it has all the glory of paradise. Relax on the sandy shoreline shaded by towering palm palms while gazing out at the dazzling Indian Ocean. You’ll get to see a quaint fishing community, hike up to a lighthouse with a breathtaking view, and then unwind back at your resort.

Day7: Depart Nosy Be to Antananarivo for your flight

The day is yours to do as you like, with optional activities including water sports, fishing, island hopping, boat rides, motorbike and bicycle rentals, exploring the Lokobe reserve, and visiting the Nosy Tanikely Submarine Park all available to you.

After breakfast, you’ll be taken to the airport for your trip to Antananarivo. Upon arrival, you’ll either be transferred to your connecting aircraft or brought back to your hotel for the day.

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