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Starting at Ivato International Airport, the 7-day Madagascar tour is a popular 6 nights/7-day safari through the East to West of Madagascar, highlighting the contrast between the tropical rainforest of the East and the dry deciduous region of the mid-West, both of which are home to unique ecosystems and wildlife, such as the Lemur and the beautiful, ancient Baobab trees that give the island its name.


Day 1: Arrive in Antananarivo & transfer to Andasibe.

When you fly into Ivato International Airport, the primary airport serving Antananarivo, Madagascar, a representative will meet you and take you to your hotel in Andasibe. To increase your chances of spotting creatures that are active at night, take a little stroll after dark. Get some rest for the night.

Day 2: Explore Andasibe National Park.

Take a bumpy ride to the Mantadia Reserve, where you can see lemurs, chameleons, and birds. You take pleasure in a four-hour trek through Mantadia National Park’s tropical vegetation.  Explore the ground rollers, insectivorous tenrecs, black-and-white ruffed lemurs, and Diademed sifaka.  You visit Lemurs’ Island in the afternoon to get a close look at the lemurs.

Day 3: Mantadia Reserve & return to Antananarivo.

Hike into Analamazaotra Nature Reserve (another section of Périnet) to see big lemurs (known as “Indri indri”) and other animals and flora (including some that have medicinal uses).  Take a ride back to Antananarivo after the tour is over. Stop by the Peyrieras’ Mandraka reptile farm on the way there.

Day 4: Fly to Morondava, in the Midwest coast of Madagascar, the Land of Baobabs.

Take a ride to the airport so you may catch a flight to the city of Morondava on the western coast of Madagascar’s central highlands. Upon arrival, take a transfer north along the red road via thriving Baobab groves and open savannah to the Kirindy Reserve.  The dry deciduous forest that serves as home to the Mantadia Reserve is home to a wide variety of lemurs, birds, and reptiles, including the huge Fossa, an apex predator. Explore the Reserve by day and by night.

Day 5: Kirindy Reserve & return to Morondava.

Visit Kirindy Reserve in the morning, and then Baobab Avenue at dusk, before making your way to the beach village of Morondava.

Day 6: Last exploration of Baobab Avenue & return to Antananarivo.

Come back to Baobab Avenue in the morning to see the neighborhood transformed by the rising sun. The next step is to make your way to the airport for your flight back to Antananarivo, the country’s capital.  After arriving, take it easy in the hotel.

Day 7: Antananarivo City tour & drop off at the Airport.

Depending on your flight’s departure schedule, you can enjoy an interesting city tour that includes stops at the Queen’s Palace, the old palace of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony (famous for marrying three queens), and the Digue handcraft market.

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