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Visitors from all over the world have found the island of Zanzibar and its beaches to be interesting for millennia. Get some decent sun while you can, go snorkeling in a picturesque reef, or just relax on a beach towel, reading a book and listening to the waves. Details like hand-sewing and insider knowledge about this idyllic island are what give visitors to Zanzibar a true sense of its richness. Luxury hotels with international appeal provide guests with a variety of amenities, including Western-style dining, water sports centers, rainforest hikes, visits to spice plantations, and more. The Prison Island Boat Trip, the Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour, the Safari Blue Boat Trip, the Stone Town City Tour, the Jozani Forest Tour, and the Spice Tour are all included in this 7-Day Luxury Zanzibar Beach Holiday Package. You’re free to pick your own start date. Your group will get exclusive use of a vehicle and guide for the duration of your tour. To get to and from Zanzibar, we can assist you book flights and speedboat transportation.


Day 1: Arrival

When you land in Zanzibar, you’ll be transferred to the Stone Town Hotel.

Day 2: Explore North of Zanzibar

We will begin the day to the aquarium, which is situated at Zanzibar’s northernmost point next to the lighthouse, where we will learn how the sea turtles are cared for and held until they are released once a year. Then we’ll take a stroll to view the fish market and learn about the construction of the regional dhow boats. We’ll keep on to the stunning stalactite caverns, which have swimming pools and natural springs. We will spend some time swimming in the caverns, and the magnificent experience is considerably enhanced by the light beams that enter the cave and brighten the clear water! In the vicinity of the caverns, we will go see the remains of a historic structure constructed by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Afternoon: Have lunch at the boutique Villa Kiva hotel on Matemwa beach. After that, we’ll go to a very authentic local hamlet where we’ll meet the friendly locals and kids, witness how they live simply without the aid of modern technology, and learn about their way of life.

Go to a remote, peaceful beach afterwards, indulge in some fruit, and spend as much time there as you like.

Day 3: ATV Tour (Via Cool Quads)

Self-driving on brand-new, 4×4 motorbikes from Canada (the best available on the island). The journey begins at Kiwengwa’s breathtaking beach on the island’s east side. We will visit and learn about the humble and modest way of life in two nearby communities as we travel. We tour lovely sugar cane estates. Visit a mysterious nearby cave for an additional $5, if desired.

Come prepared and in a good attitude because our journey involves a lot of space travel. Throughout the tour, we’ll give you soft drinks and snacks. At the conclusion of the tour, you are welcome to stay on the beach and take use of the hammocks and gorgeous blue water that are typical of Zanzibar’s eastern coast.

Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfy shoes, and most crucially, his driver’s license or a photocopy of it, are things to bring.

Day 4: Deep Sea Fishing

Some of the best prospects for big game hunting and deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean may be found in Zanzibar, the spice of the world. The northernmost point of the fishing village of Nungwi, which serves as Zanzibar’s fishing grounds, is where deep-sea fishing may be done. We fish by trolling a mixture of lures, live bait, and natural dead baits (Ballyhoo or strips). You will have the utmost fun on the water thanks to the well-equipped and provided sports fishing boats and knowledgeable staff. These clear seas are home to a variety of billfish, including Striped, Black, and Blue Marlin, as well as the brilliant Sailfish and elusive Short bill Spearfish. On the ocean, Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Kingfish (Trevally), King & Queen Mackerel, and smaller game fish like Bonito tuna, Skipjack tuna, and Rainbow Runner offer countless hours of adrenaline-pumping game fishing fun!

In order to try to capture larger fish, we will depart from the Nungwi beaches and begin fishing in deep waters. Fruit and beverages will be available for breakfast on the boat. They return to Nungwi after the voyage is over.

Bring a swimsuit, towel, hat, and sunscreen.

Day 5: Sunset Dhow Cruise

After you board, the skilled crew uses an engine to move the dhow about 1 km from the shore. Once in the sea, the engine is turned off, and the sail is raised. Once the sail is in the direction of the wind, the guest can sit back, relax, and take in the tranquility of the ocean as they hear the sound of the water rippling against the sides of the dhow as it moves quickly through the crystal-clear turquoise water. You will be provided with sodas, drinking water, and Zanzibar light snacks as the dhow sails, encouraging you to settle back into the dhow bench and take in the romance of Zanzibar Island as the sun sets with its stunning orange colors. The sounds of the bustle of busy people in Stone Town/Nungwi will gradually fade in the distance until they seem there, only in memory. Your breath will be carried away by the awe of the fiery golden sun setting beyond the horizon, painting the sky with enchanting hues of pink, purple, blue, and orange. The breeze gently blows into the Latin sail as you return to the stone village, which is really enchanting.

Day 6: Mnemba Snorkelling and Nungwi Sunset Experience

You can take a taxi from the hotel to the picture-perfect beach on the East Coast of Matemwa. The trip to the Mnemba, a rich natural reserve filled with fish and a variety of diving spots, will take us only about 20 minutes. There, we will choose where to snorkel and in which locations based on what we want to see and for however long the group feels like it. Fruit and iced drinks will be available on the boat.

Day 7: Departure

Pickup at the hotel or resort and transportation to the airport or harbor for departure.

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