6-Days Gombe National Park Safari

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Gombe National Park in Kigoma district, Tanzania, is located 16 km north of Kigoma. It was established in 1968. It is the smallest among Tanzanian National Parks, occupying only 35km square of protected land. It is positioned along the hills of the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Its major attractions include the Chimpanzee. Jane Goodall formularized it in 1960 and established the research station for chimpanzees. The best time to visit Gombe National Park is the dry season (June to October) for taking photos and videos of chimpanzees. The day starts at 8.00a.m and ends at 6.30 p.m.


Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the park

Tourists arrive at Gombe National Park at 8.00a.m; from their accommodation rooms in Tanzania. The tour guide helps them understand that the park has a dense tropical forest that rises steeply from Tanganyika Lake in Western Tanzania. The broad species of more than 200 birds ranging from the fish eagle and peter’s twin sport, hop tamely around the center’s spot of the visitors. Besides, many flower species, plants, and the Kakombe waterfall exist.

Day 2: Viewing the chimpanzees and the Gombe stream

Visitors arrive at 8.00a.m and are picked up by the safaris at the park’s gate. The trekking chimpanzees combine with velvet monkeys, blue monkeys, baboons, and bush babies. The tour guide rides tourists in a boat for one and a half hours to Gombe Stream National Park. A guided hike inside the forest will enable you closely view the chimpanzees walking in the wild. The steep valleys require strong shoes. There is forest vegetation and tropical rainforest.

Day 3: Identifying other primates at Gombe National Park

The third day at Gombe National Park is at 8.00 a.m. Identifying other primates that inhabit the park, including beachcomber olive baboons and red-tailed and red-colobus monkeys. There are blue and red-tailed monkeys hybridizing in the area. The park is also homes to more than 200 species of birds, bush pigs, reptiles, occasional hippos, and leopards.

Day 4-5: Combined visit to Gombe and Mahale Mountains National Park

The two-day visit to the Mahale National Park allows visitors to enjoy trekking, tracking the Chimpanzees, and snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika. The Chimpanzees offer the biggest attraction to the most significant aquarium. A combined visit to Gombe and Mahalale National Park helps tourists compare the Chimpanzees in both parks. Mahale Mountains Park is more significant than Gombe, located close to southern Kigoma city since the chimpanzees and lions co-exist. Mahale neighbors Gombe to the north. It takes a two-and-a-half-hour ride by boat to the Mahale Mountains.

Day 6: Visit Mahalale Mountains, National Park

With the help of the safari vehicle and tour guide, it is possible to view all left wild chimpanzees of around 900 species. Chimpanzees and observe their daily habits, as well as watch them play with youngsters and as they nurse them. The second day will involve enjoying a rare glimpse of the chimpanzee society. It is possible to engage in other activities such as Boat cruises, Mountain climbing to Kungwe peak, and kayaking, among others. The visitors are driven back to their accommodation areas at 1700 hours.

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