5 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday Safari

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Five days in a tropical paradise like Zanzibar could be just what the doctor ordered if you’re trying to get away from it all. The island of Zanzibar is home to more than just beautiful beaches and clear water; it also has a fascinating medieval past and a vibrant culture. Everything is included, and you can even choose from certain extras, like a sunset cruise, if you want to.


Day 1: Arrive in Zanzibar, Walking Tour

You’ve arrived in the beautiful island of Zanzibar! The Indian Ocean surrounds this archipelago, making it the most picturesque island location in all of East Africa. A private driver will be waiting to take you from the island’s main airport to your accommodation in Stone Town. Stone Town is the city’s historic district. After you’ve checked in, take some time to decompress.

The trip will next take you on a guided walk through this historic neighborhood. Stone Town is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, with people from all over the world making their homes in its winding alleyways. Some of Zanzibar’s oldest and most historic structures can be found in this maze of streets, shops, bazaars, and mosques. The Arab Fort, a stronghold constructed in the 17th century, is sure to be a highlight of your travels. You will also visit the solemn site of a former slave market and the Sultan’s Palace and Anglican Cathedral, all of which date back to the 19th century.

Day 2: Beach Day & Spice Tour

A private driver will pick you up in the morning and take you to the island’s northwest corner, where you’ll spend the day. The five-star resort where you will be staying for the next several days is located right on the pristine dunes of Nungwi Beach.

You’ll visit a spice farm in the countryside sometime along the road. This island has been producing spices since the 16th century, when it served as a major hub for trade between Arabia and India. As a significant producer of cloves (harvested by enslaved people) in the 19th century, Zanzibar amassed enormous wealth that has allowed it to preserve the nickname “Spice Island” to this day. Cloves and other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can be tasted during a visit of an aromatic farm. Traditional applications of these spices, which are used in everything from incense to perfume, will also be covered. Then we’ll have a farm-to-table lunch.

After you’ve settled into your room at the hotel, the rest of the day is yours to do with as you want. Tours can be arranged at the front desk, or you can explore on your own. Nungwi is a party town with plenty of beach clubs, but if you’re looking for peace and quiet, Michamvi Kae, further south, is a better option. In addition to surfing and cycling tours, visitors may also go caving, do yoga on the beach, learn to prepare traditional Swahili dishes, and much more.

Days 3-4: Beach Day, Optional Activities

You are free to do whatever you choose with your day. You can go on a variety of tours and excursions, enjoy some downtime on the beach, or do nothing at all.

If you’re in the mood to get your blood pumping, scuba diving is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Zanzibar is a popular diving spot due to the island’s crystal clear waters and abundance of coral reefs. Even if you have never been snorkeling or scuba diving before, there are many of options available to you. You’ll be treated to a tropical paradise full with exotic creatures, from rays and turtles to puffers and clownfish and even whale sharks, no matter what you do. If you’re really lucky, you can swim in the same area as a group of dolphins.

The coastline of Zanzibar can also be explored by kayak. Paddle over the beautiful white sands in a kayak built for one or two. You may also hire a guide and paddle about on a stand-up paddleboard. Fishing is fantastic here as well. There are six species of billfish in the area’s Pemba Channel, and anglers can also catch treasures like yellowfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, barracuda, and marlin there.

Sunset cruises are also available and are enjoyable for both single travelers and those on romantic getaways. In the late afternoon, board a traditional dhow (a wooden sailboat) and cruise the calm waters while sipping champagne and admiring the stunning vermilion sunset. These trips typically include stops at quaint tiny islands where you may disembark and explore the pristine beaches and towering baobab trees on land. Keep your eyes out for dolphins as they swim alongside the boat.

Day 5: Depart Zanzibar

Get ready for your final morning at the beach by eating breakfast and then setting off. You’ll be taken to the airport in time for your trip later that afternoon. Have a nice trip!

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