4 Days Wildebeest Migration Kenya Safari

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One of the most incredible natural occurrences that can be seen anywhere in the globe is the great wildebeest migration. The Great Migration is an annual migration that takes place between July and September and involves millions of wildebeest, as well as enormous numbers of zebra, Grant’s gazelle, Thompson’s gazelle, elands, and impalas. This migration takes place across the wider Masai Mara-Serengeti habitat. This trip will give you a chance to watch the whole event and the beautiful wildlife activity.


Day 1: Nairobi -Maasai Mara

Around 7:30 am, we’ll pick you up from the agreed-upon location and take you through the Great Rift Valley on your way to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Get there early so you may have lunch and unwind. We’ll be leaving right after lunch for an afternoon safari in the park, and we won’t be returning until after dark. You could have meals and a place to sleep at the same camp inside the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Accommodation: Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner

Day 2: Full Day at Maasai Mara

You will rise early on the second day of your 4-day Masai Mara wildebeest migration safari, eat breakfast at your lodge, and then travel to the endless plains of Masai Mara for a full-day game drive, during which you will have the opportunity to enjoy witnessing the wildebeest migration while feasting on a picnic lunch. Also participating in the migration are creatures like zebras, elands, Thomson’s gazelles, and Grant’s gazelles, all of which you will have the opportunity to observe.

The second day of your four-day Masai Mara wildebeest migration safari begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast at your lodge before you head out for a full day of game drives in the Masai Mara National Reserve, where you can watch the wildebeest migration and eat a picnic lunch. The migration of wildebeests, as well as elands, zebras, and other animals. The months of July, August, and October offer the finest opportunities to witness the annual wildebeest migration. You won’t just get to see wildebeests, but also lions, buffalo, giraffes, cheetahs, and a whole host of other creatures. Have fun eating your picnic lunch on the banks of the River Mara, which the migrating wildebeest must cross. When this fantastic day is complete, you’ll head back to the lodge for dinner and a night’s rest.

Day 3: Another Full Day at Maasai Mara

You can return to Masai Mara National Reserve immediately following breakfast and spend the rest of the day there, enjoying the park and hopefully spotting some of the migratory birds, animals, and other wildlife species that you may have missed on your first trip. In the afternoon, after lunch, you can go on community walks in local Masai villages to learn more about the people and their culture before returning to the lodge for supper and the night

Day 4: Departure back to Nairobi

You will eat breakfast and then wake up early to leave for a safari in the Maasai Mara game reserve. Right after daylight, we’ll hit the road for our safari. After that, in the middle of the morning, you will depart the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and head to Nairobi. There will be a lunch break somewhere in the middle. Then, you’d arrive in Nairobi at 4.30 p.m.

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