The excursion will take you to the island’s most verdant area. This route through Madagascar takes you to various nature preserves and national parks, where you may participate in a variety of outdoor sports. You’ll learn about the eerie “Indri-Indri” cry because of this. Additionally, a cruise down the Canal de Pangalanes River is in store for you. Get out and see the big island, you won’t regret it!


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  • Park fees/charges
  • Pick and drop services
  • Drinking water during the safari/tour
  • Outdoor activities (as per the itenerary)
  • Accommodation (as per the itenerary)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • Transportation; 4*4 Jeep, Van, or by air (as per the itenerary)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Meals; full board or half-board (as per the itenerary)
  • ** Any other inclusion as indicated in the itenerary
  • Insurance (where applicable)
  • International flights charges and fares
  • Tips and gifts to service providers
  • Any personal item that you may need during the tour
  • Additional government imposed taxes and/or park fees
  • Drinks and meals outside the tour package
  • Visa charges
  • Additional accommodation (as you may choose)
  • Any other charges that may arise in due time

Tour Amenities

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Tour Plan

We are pleased to have you visit Madagascar. The Tana International Airport will be your arrival point today. After the necessary paperwork and currency exchange, your tour leader will greet you in English. The next stop is at your downtown hotel, and from there you'll be transferred to your room.

You will go towards Manambato, in the eastern direction, today. The vast expanses of greenery along today's route are particularly impressive. Once you reach Manambato, you can take a boat down the breathtaking Pangalanes Canal. You'll travel to the place called Akanin'ny Nofy (which means "Nest of Dreams" in Russian) on a motorboat. The excursion is a great opportunity to sample the warm welcome of the coastal communities. Before dinner, you can go on a night wildlife drive and hopefully spot some of the elusive Aye-aye finger creatures. Because of its intimidating look, this animal was hunted to near extinction in Madagascar.

In the morning, you'll set out on a one-hour trek through the nearby rainforest in search of lemurs including sifakas and indris. The wide range of plant life here is also fascinating. The carnivorous pitcher plant is one of many unique plant species you might observe in Madagascar. This afternoon, we'll be taking you to Andranokoditra, a small fishing village in Betsimisaraka. Here you can learn about real local culture from people who live it every day.

You are finally leaving Akanin'ny Nofy today. Your return boat transfer to Manambato leaves from where you are staying. The next stop on your trip is Andasibe, where you can see the Perinet Reserve. Both nocturnal and diurnal lemurs and makis can be seen in this area. Your flight is scheduled to land in the afternoon. Hiking through the forest at night will allow you to say goodbye to the day in the company of nocturnal animals like frogs, chameleons, and more.

You'll have a chance to explore the beautiful landscape of Analamazaotra National Park after a hearty breakfast. The largest extant lemurs, the indris, can be found in this region. This national park is the perfect site to enjoy the thrill of an indri concert, one of the highlights of the trip. You won't just be impressed by the indris, but by all the unique plant and animal life in the area. The park is also home to endemic plant species and a variety of interesting animals, including geckos and other lemurs. Afterward, you'll continue on to Antsirabe. After three hours of driving through gorgeous villages, you'll arrive at Antsirabe, the economic hub of the country. A trip around the city is strongly suggested. The gems of Madagascar will be shown to you. The schedule includes visits to a miniatures workshop and an art gallery.

Get a move on and get to Fianarantsoa from Antsirabe. Antsirabe offers a fascinating city tour that you might take today before you go. The church of Antsirabe, the stone grinding shop, the avenue of Antsirabe with the main railway station, a little manufactory for manufacturing objects from zebu horns, and possibly the art gallery of "Fulgence" if time permits. He is a well-known painter who has achieved great success in his field. You'll be leaving Antsirabe after this comprehensive city tour. You will stop for some fresh air and a bite to eat at Ambositra. The city's reputation as a center for woodcarving necessitates a visit to a local workshop. At last, you're off to finish the trip to Fianarantsoa. In Fianarantsoa, "where you learn the good things" is literally translated as "where you learn the name." It is the seat of power for the Betsileo people and a major city in Madagascar. When at Fianarantsoa, be sure to take a tour of the upper and old town.

You have decided to leave Fianarantsoa and travel to Ranohira. You'll be passing through Anja park, home to the Kattas, on your route there. Because of their unique social behavior, kattas, who are classified as lemurs, are among the most entertaining representatives of Malagasy animal species. You're going to keep going to Ranohira. Passing through the massive granite structure known as "Gateway of the South" en route to Ihosy is a remarkable transition from the terraced hills to the parched region of the south. Discover the territory of the Bara, one of the most distinctive peoples of Madagascar, and step into a culture molded by cattle herds and their shepherds. The town of Ranohira in the Isalo Mountains can be found beyond the bishop's hat, a sacred site for the locals. The stunning sunsets at the end of the day are best viewed from the Window of Isalo. You won't find somewhere else quite like the Window of Isalo and its environs on a summer evening.

Isalo National Park is a major tourist attraction in Ranohira. It is a good day to take a day excursion to the sandstone formations. The strange rock formations and underground caverns in the rough alpine scenery are a major draw. Despite the arid conditions, the deep gorges are irrigated by streams of crystal pure water. Enjoy the breathtaking alpine scenery with its colorful, shimmering pebbles. During the dry season, the park is irrigated by the water that flows through the gorges and steep canyons. The journey culminates in a stunning natural pool with thoughtful design.

We're still on the road. You hop in your car and head for the sleepy harbor town of Ifaty. You'll be paying close attention to the wall murals and grave steles of the Antandroys and Mahafalys, a southern population, along the route. On this path, it is impossible to miss. The residents of southern Madagascar put in long hours during their lives so that they might have a large or spectacular burial plot when they pass on. You'll be able to stop by the world-famous Zombitse National Park along the trip. Lemurs, arguably Madagascar's most recognizable mammal, can be seen at the National Park. In the center of the thick foliage, which is so unique in the savannah, eight different species of lemurs make their home. One of the most popular animals at Verreaux is the Verreaux's sifaka, or Propithecusverreauxi. The trip back to Ifaty.

You will go on a hike in the Fonyala baobab forest after breakfast. The forest is home to many different kinds of animals and plants. The majestic Andansonia rubrostipa (Fony) baobab tree, native to Madagascar, is the inspiration for the reserve's moniker. The rest of the day is at your disposal after the visit. You can arrange a morning snorkeling trip with the hotel. Plus, bask in the midday sunshine and pleasant hotel conditions.

You'll have a hearty breakfast and then head back to Ambalavao for the day. When you get there, you can take a tour of the city's cultural attractions. You'll go to a paper mill where they make paper from the Havoha tree. Arab merchants are the ones who first started making these goods. At long last, you'll be delivered to your hotel. You can do whatever you like with the rest of the day.

Today's journey takes us to Ranomafana, gateway of the world-famous national park. One of the last remaining highland woods, Ranomafana is a global rarity. For those who appreciate the outdoors, it provides a wealth of breathtaking vistas. Many of the animal and plant species that call Ranomafana National Park home are in danger of going extinct. A forest stroll at night is on the agenda for tonight.

A long circular hike is the best way to learn about the park and everything it has to offer. There are a wide variety of indigenous wildlife to see, including birds, chameleons, butterflies, frogs, and 12 different types of lemurs. In 1986, German primatologist Bernhard Meier discovered a new species of bamboo lemur, called the "golden bamboo lemur" Hapalemurreus, which had a huge impact on the growth of nature tourism in Ranomafana National Park. Following your time in the park, you'll head to Ifanadiana to check out a private chameleon farm. The next stop is the town of Tanala. You will interact with the locals, and notably the monarch, in this fake village. In order to help the community, you can purchase wicker here.

The trip back to Antsirabe begins today. There will be various opportunities to take pictures and get some fresh air. The city has a wealth of historical sites and artifacts. Additionally, the city's architecture strongly reflects its colonial past. Antsirabe, Madagascar is home to a volcanic lake with a diving board worth checking out. There are numerous unique items fashioned from zebu horns and natural fibers, which you may see and purchase in the local artisan workshops. In the afternoon, you'll arrive in the colonial city.

That's it, you're back home now. After walking a few kilometers, if time allows, you might stop by the Museum of Photography of Andohalo. There you can learn all about the royal past of the upper plateaus. Following the tour, you'll visit one of the town's many vibrant markets to pick up a few mementos. At last, you'll be taken by car to the airport.

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