Travel from Antananarivo to Toliara. The Active Adventure Madagascar Classic Tour 10D/9N is a 10-day trip that visits Antananarivo, Madagascar, as well as six other locations in the country. Accommodation, meals, transportation, and more are all part of Madagascar Classic Tour’s 10-day, 9-night package.


  • Airport transfers
  • Park fees/charges
  • Pick and drop services
  • Drinking water during the safari/tour
  • Outdoor activities (as per the itenerary)
  • Accommodation (as per the itenerary)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • Transportation; 4*4 Jeep, Van, or by air (as per the itenerary)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Meals; full board or half-board (as per the itenerary)
  • ** Any other inclusion as indicated in the itenerary
  • Insurance (where applicable)
  • International flights charges and fares
  • Tips and gifts to service providers
  • Any personal item that you may need during the tour
  • Additional government imposed taxes and/or park fees
  • Drinks and meals outside the tour package
  • Visa charges
  • Additional accommodation (as you may choose)
  • Any other charges that may arise in due time

Tour Amenities

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Tour Plan

As you touch down at Ivato Airport, our tour guides will give you a warm welcome. After you have completed customs, our Guide will help you with any remaining aspects of your arrival, such as exchanging cash or activating a new SIM card for your phone. During your time in Madagascar, we will give you with 2 (two) SIM cards that include Data + National Call + 5mn International call. Spend the night in Pietra's hotel.

After breakfast, take a tour of the historical and cultural attractions at the Ambohimanga royal Palace, which is situated 20 kilometers to the north of the capital. Sacred sites, including a royal city and burial ground, are clustered atop the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. It has been used for religious purposes for over 500 years and continues to inspire reverence in modern culture as a symbol of national pride. Even today, people from all around Madagascar and the world make the journey to visit this sacred site. The next stop should be Andasibe, about 130 km east of Antananarivo. Inn of Mantadia for the night

The day will begin with a tour of Analamazaotra National Park after breakfast. To maximize your time with the Indri-Indri and the Diademed Sifaka in their forest habitat, it is best to check out of the hotel no later than 7:30 in the morning. Trip duration is roughly 3 hours. The Indri's strange call can be heard very early in the morning till midday and again in the late afternoon within a mile of the park. Indris (known as Babakoto in Malagasy) are the largest surviving species of lemur, with a maximum height of 1 meter. Andasibe is the ideal spot to see Indris because a few families there have adapted to humans. It need social interaction and cannot be kept alone. Throughout Madagascar, it is held in the highest regard as a sacred creature, inspiring numerous myths that attempt to explain its beginnings. The Indri aren't the only lemurs living in these woods, though; there are 13 other species, including the woody lemur, grey bamboo lemur, diademed sifaka, brown lemur, red mouse-lemur, red-bellied lemur, black and white ruffed lemur, and aye-aye.

After an incredible afternoon spent getting up close and personal with lemurs on private Lemurs Island, you'll be able to see many other species in the Vakona Reserve Zoo, including crocodiles in a deep river enclosure, native birds, and more. After a guided night visit that lasts around an hour and a half, you'll head back to the hotel around 6:30 p.m.

Leave for Antsirabe, pausing along the way to take in the scenery, snap some photos, and refresh yourself if you need to. You'll be making a detour to Peyreiras Park. See Cocquerel's Sifakas, chameleons, and many other reptiles, as well as some other Malagasy wildlife like butterflies, moths (including the huge Atlas Moth), and tenrecs, in this fascinating park owned by the Peyrieras family. You keep going until you reach Fois Gras, where you'll have lunch. As you leave the city behind for the countryside, you'll travel through stunning Imerina territory and get a glimpse into the lives of Madagascar's former and current aristocracy. Take a short detour to Ambatolampy to see some local wares made from aluminum. Because of the importance of this industry, artisan forgers now produce exquisite polished trinkets made of aluminum, which they sell directly to tourists in Antsirabe.  The Royal Palace Hotel for the Night

You'll start your day with a direct flight to Ranomafana, the village of Ifanadiana most famous for the Ranomafana National Park and the lush scenery along the route to which it leads. It is expected that you would get into Ranomafana in the evening.  Hotel Thermal for the Night

Ranomafana National Park is the final remaining forest corridor along the eastern coast of the Big Island, and visitors should expect to spend four hours there in the morning. Uncovering the region's rich unique biodiversity led to the discovery of critically endangered lemurs and several previously unknown kinds of medicinal plants. You'll go on a hike in the forest, encountering unique plants and animals as you make your way down a trail that stretches for miles. After that, you'll head back to the hotel for some lunch. In the afternoon, you can relax at the spa, have a nap, and get ready for bed. You should arrive at the 17:30 guided night stroll.  Evening in the Thermal.

Once you've eaten, head south on RN7 again toward Ranohira and the entrance to Isalo National Park. We stop to the reserve of Anja, a small peasant associative park that is home to several endangered species, including orchids and the endangered makis catta little wild lemurs. Evening arrival in Isalo. The Isalo Rock Lodge for the Night

After a hearty breakfast, spend the day hiking and seeing the park's Jurassic-era ruins and the most stunning scenery in all of Madagascar. The natural pool, where you can go swimming, and other attractions will be on your itinerary. Enjoy a park picnic for lunch. Before returning to the hotel for the night, you'll stop at the world-famous Isalo Window to take in the stunning sunset. Inn at Isalo Rock for the night.

After finishing breakfast, you'll travel to Tuléar, the southernmost and largest city in the world. You'll make a brief detour to the Reniala Reserve upon arrival; it's a dry forest typical of the arid south where you can get up close and personal with local wildlife and plants, including several different kinds of Baobab trees. The next stop is the Vezo fishing village of Ifaty, 30 kilometers to the north of Tuléar. You'll be able to unwind on the beach of this stunning lagoon.  Evening at the Paradisier

On your final day, you'll take a trip back to Antananarivo, the country's capital. The first order of business upon arriving in La Digue is a 45-minute tour of the Queen's Palace atop the hill (Rova Manjakamiadana), followed by souvenir shopping in the island's artisan bazaar. Get a ride to the airport, and then board your journey overseas. At your own cost, you can take a flight back to the nation's capital.

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