1 Week (7 Days) Seychelles Honeymoon Safari Itinerary

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When it comes to honeymoons and other romantic getaways, Seychelles is hard to beat. You can easily reach the beach and trendy stores on foot. The coolest scenes ever are included in this collection, too. This means that you may enjoy both high-end dining and a lively nightlife scene. If rest and leisure are more your speed, you can spend your time at the hotel enjoying the waves and the sun.


Day 1: Arrival-Mahe

When you arrive at Mahé’s Aéroport de la pointe Larue, a representative of our agency will greet you and accompany you to the Inter-Island Quay, where a ferry will transport you to Carol Strand. The day is free for the household to do whatever they like. Families can check in, eat lunch, and then go sightseeing on the island. Kempinski Seychelles Resort for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2: Couple Free Leisure Day

Have a hearty breakfast at the hotel before you and your family set out on an independent adventure to explore the island. You may go out and see the island’s famous beaches. Both Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette have earned a reputation as two of the most desirable beaches in the world. Pictures taken on the beaches can make a wonderful addition to your holiday photo album. Stop by the neighborhood shops before returning to your accommodation. Visit the Kempinski Seychelles Resort for a relaxing evening and overnight stay.

Day 3: Full day Bus and sightseeing on Mahé island

Enjoy the comfort of air conditioning as you travel from the towering granite peaks and verdant hillsides of Seychelles’ largest island, Mahé, to its golden sand beaches bordered by pristine tropical waters. Start off your trip of the islands with a visit to Victoria, the capital, and take in the sights of the antique clock tower and colorful market as our experts fill you in on the islands’ rich history. After the tour of the market, they will dazzle you with folk tales as you travel to the lovely old Mission Lodge along a winding mountain route, where you will be greeted by stunning views of rambling tropical greenery, towering granite peaks, and the turquoise ocean. Continue on for a delectable Creole meal featuring our fresh, locally-grown ingredients. Spend your evening perusing the unique assortment of arts, crafts, and tropical items made at the Craft Village, which boasts a charming old-world atmosphere. Stay at the Kempinski Resort Seychelles for the Night

Day 4: Peaks of Paradise

Your exciting excursion along the northern coast of Mahé begins today. As our catamaran “Catalina” sails back to Victoria, we will stop briefly. Palm trees line the path along the deserted northwest shore as it winds its way from “Danzilles” along the natural outlines of ancient granite rocks. Along the way, our knowledgeable guides will highlight some of the rare plants and animals that can only be found in Seychelles. Anse Major, where Catalina is anchored, is the destination of your 1.5 hour stroll. Guests will board via dinghy from the secluded beach, and then spend the day cruising to Bay Ternay Marine Park and stopping at gorgeous snorkeling areas where they may swim, feed the fish, and bask in the sun. After a relaxing lunch, the ship sets sail once more for home. Full-day Cruise: If you’d rather not walk, you may still get a new viewpoint on Mahé by hopping aboard the Catalina at its berth in Victoria and cruising along the coast for the day.A night’s stay with dinner at Kempinski Seychelles Resort. (applies only between May and October, when southeast trade winds blow)

Day 5: Full day Reef Safari

After breakfast today, you’ll set sail for a relaxing cruise around Hodoul, a reclaimed island where many herons and cattle egrets make their home. Then, head out into the marine park, where we’ll load you into our semisubmersible so you can keep your shoes on as you explore the vibrant reefs below. Before beginning your underwater trip, please feed the fish. Lightweight snorkeling jackets and snorkeling equipment are provided so that you can explore the undersea world from a new perspective. While basking in the sun, enjoy a delicious buffet served in the typical Seychellois style. Our excellent group will spice up the meal with authentic Creole music. There is always time for a refreshing swim after lunch, or for doing nothing more taxing than sleeping in. Then, come along as we take a leisurely cruise around the islands of the marine parks on our way back to Port Victoria. Kempinski Seychelles Resort for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 6: Departure- Airport

Today is the last day of your trip. You must vacate the lodgings after breakfast.You may relax while our driver takes you to the terminal. For the rest of your trip, we hope you stay safe and sound.

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