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This 2 days Nairobi city safari is a chance for you experience the beautiful city of Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya. You will visit different areas in Nairobi city and enjoy interacting with different people with different beliefs since it carries people from different areas all over the country. I hope you enjoy this trip with us.


Day 1: Arrival and Drive to Nairobi National Park and Giraffe Centre

On arrival in the airport, you will meet with your tour guide. He will then brief you on the trip. You will then head for the Nairobi National Park which is six kilometers south of Nairobi City Centre. There you will experience the lace to see animals on their natural life and see most animals live in peace and love. In the afternoon, you will go to Giraffe Centre. The Giraffe Center, which houses endangered Rothschild giraffes, promotes conservation and environmental education to inspire Kenyans to value and protect their wildlife. It’s intriguing and busy. The second-floor balcony of a red building lets you feed, kiss, and watch giraffes. This is rare, especially for children and innocent adults. From the Giraffe Center, you may explore the bird sanctuary, bridge the Gogo River, and enjoy a forest ramble. Rothschild giraffes, which live in western Kenya, are endangered. When the African Endangered Wildlife Fund began in 1979, Rothschild giraffes were rare. The Giraffe Centre has successfully restored these fascinating creatures to Lake Nakuru National Park, Ruma National Reserve, and Nasalot National Reserve (Nasalot National Reserve).

Later in the evening you will check in to your hotel after finishing your journey at Giraffe Centre. Take your dinner and have an evening rest

Day 2: Visit Karen Blixen Museum and Nairobi National Museum

After taking an early breakfast on the second day of the trip, you will head to the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi. Nairobi houses Karen Mansion. It was 600 acres. Karen Manor and Karen House Museum are 1/30 the original size. Kenyan visitors visit the little area. In 1914, famous Danish writer Karen Brixen married Swedish baron Blo Brixen Fenneck and moved to Kenya to establish a coffee farm. Karen met British hunter Dennis Finch Hatton in 1918. It is a history story of Karen as a place in Kenya.

Later in the afternoon you will head to the Nairobi National Museum. It is nearby the top choice before you leave Karen Blixen Museum and hit the road. The beautiful National Museum of Kenya is surrounded by lush vegetation. Cultural and natural history exhibitions abound. “BornFree” author is a museum highlight (BornFree). The spectacular National Museum of Kenya is surrounded by lush vegetation. The museum has many cultural and natural history exhibits. The museum’s major feature is Joy Adamson’s pictures of Kenyan tribes, which gently capture Kenya’s cultural richness.

In the evening, you will check in to your hotel for an evening rest and dinner. The trip has ended and we will provide accommodation for those who want to stay and leave in the next day. However, the people who have a flight to catch back home ae free to leave

Accommodation: Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence

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