Being on safari is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. You get to enjoy closer views of fascinating wild animals. But there are those wildlife sticky situations (wrong place at the wrong time). You may encounter an angry animal that may attempt to attack. Some deadly attacks have been reported. To stay safe, watch animals from afar. Don’t get too close. You never know what might happen next. Ensure that the windows are closed. Most importantly, use a reliable tour operator. Experience is key in a safari. An expert driver or guide can prevent a deadly attack.

Wildlife sticky situations (wrong place at the wrong time)

Masai Mara National Reserve

Several incidents between humans and wildlife have been reported in Masai Mara. Let’s look at some examples of sticky situations. A group of tourists visited Masai Mara. They saw a pride of lions and decided to follow them. Well, you would do the same for great shots. This would turn out to be a sticky situation. A young male lion noticed the vehicle. He moved closer to the vehicle. The tourists must have been very scared. The lion inspected the vehicle. He then started chewing on the spare tire. Luckily, he lost interest and went away. No one was hurt. It is good to watch wildlife from afar. You don’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You will put your life at risk.

Some travelers were enjoying a game drive in an open safari vehicle. The open-side vehicle offers a great view of wildlife. But a lot of precautions are needed. These vehicles do not bother wild animals. You can drive past lions and they will not give you a second look. So, a safari in these vehicles is usually safe. But you should not make sudden movements. You should not make noise. You should not drive too close to animals.

Now, these travelers were enjoying their game drive in Masai Mara. They saw a group of beautiful cheetahs. They decided to stop just next to the animals. The cheetahs jumped into the vehicle. They started touching the tourists and exploring the vehicle.

Well, cheetahs are not a big threat to humans. They tend to be a bit calm compared to other cats. But they are wild animals. They can easily attack. Luckily, in this incident, no one was attacked. The cheetahs went away after a few minutes. This must have been a scary incident for the tourists. For your safety and that of wild animals, keep your distance.

Another wildlife sticky situation involved some young travelers. They were enjoying their game drive in Masai Mara. They were in an open-sided safari truck. A lion walked close to the vehicle. Suddenly, he jumped into the vehicle and gave travelers a good scare. The tourists were able to calm down. This is very important to prevent the animal from attacking. After a few minutes, the lion walked away.

Kruger National Park

South Africa has witnessed some wildlife sticky situations (wrong place at the wrong time). Let’s look at some examples of stick situations in Kruger National Park. The elephants in the park are amazing. They are not just large but also stunning.

But they can also be very dangerous. An angry elephant can easily flip a car. A group of tourists was enjoying a game drive in a closed Jeep. They spotted a large elephant and started taking pictures. Sadly, the elephant was angry. He started charging at them.

Elephants are the largest animals in the wilderness. But they have emotions. They can be happy or sad. They can feel anger, love, and grief. When angry, they can easily attack. For the travelers, they were lucky. The driver was experienced in handling such incidents. She drove away quickly.

In the same park, tourists encountered another wildlife sticky situation. They were enjoying a game drive in a closed vehicle with an open window. A group of cheetahs emerged from the bush.  One cheetah started walking towards the vehicle. Then, it inspects the car and jumps onto it. The travelers quickly closed the window.

Spotting a cheetah at the park is a treat. But having one on your vehicle is a scary event. This is not rare in national parks. Big cats have been seen jumping on safari vehicles. Some even search for prey while in the vehicles. But this can be dangerous. In this case, the travelers were lucky. It was smart to quickly close the window. But this is how it should be. The windows should always be closed.

Selati Game Reserve

The reserve is in South Africa. It has also experienced wildlife sticky situations (wrong place at the wrong time). Travelers were in a game drive in the reserve. A male elephant emerged from the wilderness. For some reason, the elephant was very angry. He started charging at the vehicle. He even overturned the jeep. Such incidents are not common. But they do happen.

The travelers managed to get out of the vehicle. They could be seen running away from the violent animal. Luckily, no one was hurt. Elephants’ attacks while on safari are rare. But when provoked or angry, they can attack.

Wildlife sticky situations (wrong place at the wrong time) are common. But this should not scare you off. Just follow the provided guidelines. Enjoy the views from a distance.