Tourists enjoy many activities while on safari in Kenya. They see many stunning wild animals during game drives. They watch beautiful birds in different top tourist destinations. They enjoy guided nature walks, balloon safaris, and air safaris. Tourists enjoy water sports in great lakes and the Indian Ocean. After all these activities, they enjoy relaxing on the superb beaches in the country. But this is not all. Tourists enjoy walking with the Maasai. This is the most known community in East Africa. In this post, we share more info about the Maasai.

About the Maasai

Maasai communities lie within the boundaries of popular game parks or reserves.  In Kenya, Maasai people live around the popular Masai Mara game reserve. They are also the most common communities around the Amboseli national park. Most safari lodges and camps hire Maasais as guides. Tourists love visiting them as part of interacting with locals. This is why you may hear about walking with the Maasai: a conclusion. Tourists love interacting with these beautiful people.

Here are some of the facts about Maasai.

  • They hunted lions as a rite of passage

Years ago, young Maasai men hunted lions alone or in a group. They were only allowed to use an iron spear to kill the animal. This was to prove that they are warriors. They only hunted male lions. But this is no longer allowed in Kenya. Still, Maasai are believed to be very brave in East Africa. Most people are not afraid while walking with the Maasai in the wild.

  • Their wardrobe is unique

Mostly, you can identify a Maasai from other tribes by looking at the clothing. They love red, blue, and black colors. You will see these colors in most of their clothing. They have a cloth that they wrap around their bodies. It is known as Shuka. This is what replaced animal skin in the 1960s. It is often checked. They also loved beaded jewelry. You will find these multicolored jewels with both females and males.  Most people including modern fashion designers have emulated Maasai clothing.

  • They are good at jumping

Tourists enjoy jumping contests with Maasai. It is almost not possible to beat them. They jump very high straight up. The jumping dance was traditionally used to show individual strength.  It was a way of attracting wives. Most travelers do not reach the heights that the Maasais reach. This is probably because Maasai started practicing dance in childhood.

  • Cows are wealth

Maasai believe that God created cows for them. They believe that they should be the custodian of cows in the world. They spend most of their lives grazing herds of cows. They trade cows for money or other products. Cows are their main source of income.

  • They love milk and meat

Maasai people love cow milk and meat. This is common in their ceremonies. They also drink raw blood from the cows. This is common during special occasions such as circumcision rites.

Walking with the Maasai: Conclusion

While on safari, you can choose your preferred activities. For example, you can choose game drives in a national park or reserve. But combining several activities is better. For a memorable experience, combine game drives with nature walks, hiking, and watersports. We can help you come up with a plan that covers most activities.

Our focus today is on walking with the Maasai. This is a guided nature walk. It helps you to explore Africa on foot. Remember you must not walk alone in the bush. This is for your safety. You must walk with a guide.

The Maasai live around most parks and reserves. So, they understand the areas quite well. This makes it better to explore the wild with the Maasai. You can enjoy a half or full-day walking safari. The Maasai know the safest routes. They also know where to spot animals. A nature walk is a great opportunity to get closer to nature. Some safari camps have packages that include walking with the Maasai. These packages include other activities such as game drives.

Some tourists enjoy walking with the Maasai grazing their cows. Cows are usually in large herds. You will love walking with these animals. During the walks, you get to learn more about the Maasai community. You are also more likely to spot animals such as elephants, zebras, and antelopes. In some cases, tourists have spotted lions, leopards, and buffaloes while grazing cows. This is quite a treat.

Maasai people play a key role in protecting wildlife. They allow safari operators to use their land for sustainable eco-tourism. This helps in conservation. It also improves their lives as they get some payment for the land.

While on safari, make sure you experience walking with the Maasai. They are great people. They are beautiful and very brave. They know very well where to spot your favorite animals. During the walk, ensure you learn a lot about the community. They also have a lot of info about wildlife. Just ensure that you are friendly to them. You can buy their beads and Shuka to improve their livelihoods. Do you need more info about African safari tours? Follow our blog. We have many useful articles. Also, feel free to contact us for any other info. We will be glad to help you out.