The Water-Based Safari

Have you ever experienced a water-based safari? Most people have done an overland safari. This is where you travel by safari vehicle to explore your destination. For example, you travel by safari vehicle to see wildlife. This is a good safari. You get to see lots of animals. But there are many other ways of accessing the African wilderness. You can use hot-air balloons o watch wild animals from above. You can do this in Masai Mara and other destinations. You can horse-ride through the wilderness. You can use your feet to explore the wilderness. But then, you can also try the water-based safari. It is a fun way of exploring the world. It will give you a different kind of experience.

The water-based safaris- where to go

There are many destinations in Africa where you can enjoy water-based safaris. This post list these destinations in East Africa. In these destinations, you will visit places that you may not visit by land. You will get a closer view of water-dwelling animals. You will also enjoy a quiet and calm safari compared to game drive safaris.

  • Lake Naivasha

This is one of the best destinations for water-based safari Kenya. The lake is rich in wildlife. It is home to hundreds of hippos. The freshwater lake has fish such as Black bass and Tilapia. It is also home to over 400 bird species.

Travelers love boat safaris on the lake. You get to have a closer view of hippos. You also get to enjoy the sightings of many species of birds. An experienced boating guide will accompany you. So, you don’t have to worry about your safety. You also get to use life jackets. The best water safari hours are in the morning and afternoon. Evenings are avoided as the lake tends to get rough.

  • Lake Nakuru

It is another great destination for water-based safari Kenya. The lake is home to hippos and many species of birds.  Travelers love it for its beautiful pink flamingoes. Sometimes, the lake may have over a million flamingoes.

Boat safaris allow you to explore the beauty of this lake. You will have a closer look at hippos. You will also love a closer view of the birds feeding, interacting, and playing in the water. This is a unique experience. Travelers report memorable experiences during the water-based safaris in the lake.

  • Lake Victoria

You can enjoy water-based safaris in Lake Victoria. You will enjoy a closer view of animals such as hippos and crocodiles. You will also enjoy a closer view of many bird species. Other common activities include island trips and fishing. You can go on fishing safaris in the lake. Popular fish include tilapia and Nile perch. You can also enjoy leisure cruises. One advantage of the water-based safaris is the cool breeze and beautiful views of the lake.

  • Lake Turkana

This is a great destination for bird lovers. Boat safaris will give you a closer view of many species of birds. The lake is also home to hundreds of thousands of Nile crocodiles. You will love their amazing views. Travelers report amazing experiences. Here, mornings are the best water safari hours.

  • The Coast of Kenya

This is a great place for water-based safaris. You can enjoy boat safaris in Diani. You will enjoy a closer view of sea animals. These safaris are great for families. Children and older people who cannot swim can still enjoy closer views of sea animals.

You can choose boat safaris to experience all that the Indian Ocean has to offer. You will love the unique beaches, beautiful flora and fauna, and sea animals. You will also love the search for dolphins and the views of the colorful marine life.

The water-based safaris in Uganda

You can enjoy boat safaris in Uganda. There are many places you can enjoy these unique experiences. Let’s look at some of the destinations that you may visit.

  • Kazinga Channel

This natural channel divides Queen Elizabeth national park. During a boat safari, you can have a closer view of various animals. These include reptiles and birds. You get to see hippos, crocodiles, and birds. The launch cruise is best for photography. It is also a lot more fun than game drives.

  • The Nile River

You will love boat safaris on the Nile River. The river runs through Murchison Falls. During your safari, you will see hippos and crocodiles in the water. You can also see antelopes, buffaloes, and elephants. A skilled boatman will accompany you to ensure your safety.

  • Lake Mburo

You can also enjoy water-based safaris in Lake Mburo. You will enjoy the sightings of hippos and crocodiles. You may also see antelopes, zebras, and buffaloes taking water. Expect to also see many species of birds.

The water-based safaris in Tanzania

  • Rufiji River

You can enjoy boat safaris in the Rufiji River. It divides Selous Game Reserve into two. It is the largest river in the country. You can see animals such as water birds, hippos, and crocodiles. You also get to enjoy sightings of lions, elephants, and buffaloes among other animals.

  • Momelia Lakes

You can enjoy water-based safaris in Momelia Lakes in Arusha National Park. You will love canoeing. You will enjoy the views of hippos, water birds, and other wild animals.

You can go for water-based safaris in East Africa any time of the year. But the best time may be during the dry season. This time offers spectacular views. Feel free to reach out for more.