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Africa welcomes millions of safari tourists every year. Some tourists leave with a good name. Others make safaris to be boring adventures. In this post, we tell you about the most and least loved safari tourists. While on safari, ensure that you and other travelers have an unforgettable experience. Try to be polite, kind, and generous. Most importantly, always be punctual.

The Most and Least Loved Safari Tourists

The most loved safari tourists have the following behaviors;

The most loved safari tourists are polite. These are people with good manners and avoid offending others. They respect others and behave in a socially correct manner. They respect tour guides and local people. Tourists from Britain, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the USA are known to be very polite.

The most loved safari tourists are always on time. Time is very dear while on safari. This is why you must keep it. Mostly, tourists share safari vehicles. Keeping time ensures that the safari is smooth for everyone. Activities such as game drives need to be timed properly. Midday may be too hot. Also, it may not be the best time to spot some animals. Some tourists such as Germans, Britons, Japans, and Danes tend to be very punctual. For the best safari in Africa, try to keep time.

The most loved safari tourists are friendlier. They make safaris more enjoyable. Tourists from Canada, the U.S., and other English-speaking nations are friendlier. Most tour operators report having fun with friendly tourists.

While on safari, expect instructions from your guide. They will tell you when to stay in and go out of your car. They will ask you to follow certain routes. They will tell you not to get too close to animals. They will ask you not to feed your favorite animal. Safari guides will give you many instructions. You may not like some of them. But you must pay attention to the instructions and follow them. Tour operators love tourists who do so.

Tipping is expected while on an African safari. It is like rewarding people for good service. Tourists who give tips are loved in Africa. When budgeting for your safari, don’t forget a separate envelope for the tips. You can tip your guide, driver, and staff in your camp or lodge.

The Least Loved Safari Tourists

Africa welcomes many safari tourists from across the world. Tourists from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia visit Africa every year. This developing world is the perfect place for adventures. It has many tourist destinations. If you love wildlife, Africa is the ideal place. Countries such as Tunisia, South Africa, and Kenya receive many wildlife lovers. You will enjoy sightings of many wild animals while on safari. Mostly, you will see animals while on game drives, nature walks, or air safaris.

But there is much more to do in Africa. You can enjoy hiking. You can enjoy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It has the highest peak in Africa. You can climb Mount Kenya. It is the second highest in Africa. There are many other mountains where you can enjoy hiking. While climbing, you get to see many species of animals. For example, you can spot elephants, monkeys, antelopes, and buffaloes among others.

You can enjoy bird watching in Africa. The continent is rich in birdlife. You can see the most beautiful birds such as flamingos and pigeons. Africa has many places where you can enjoy watching birds. For example, you can see flamingos in Lake Nakuru while on a safari in Kenya. You can enjoy watching birds in Serengeti National Reserve in Tanzania.

Other popular activities in Africa include watersports in the Indian Ocean. You can relax on beautiful white and sandy beaches. You can also enjoy interacting with the lovely Africans.

The least-loved safari tourists have the following characteristics;

The least-loved safari tourists are annoying. They make a lot of noise during a safari. They will shout when they see something amazing. Try to be nice. Lower your voice even when you feel excited. Remember you should not disturb wildlife.

Annoying tourists are glued to their phones. Come on! Imagine staring at your phone at the top destination in the world. Take a break from your gadget. Look at the beauty of Africa. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Use it well.

Annoying tourists are not sensitive to culture. Tyr to be sensitive. Respect African culture as you enjoy the safari.

The least loved safari tourists are those that make a mess everywhere they go. They throw trash anywhere in the hotel room or camp. Yes, you may have housekeeping. But don’t take it too far. Be a responsible traveler.

While exploring Africa, avoid polluting the environment. Yes, you are spending your money. But be responsible. Don’t throw trash in the bush. It is bad for wild animals. Always put your trash in the right place. We all have a part to play to protect wildlife.

Now you know about the most and least loved safari tourists. Africa is a perfect place for a safari. But try to be a good traveler. Make the safari memorable for yourself, other travelers, and tour operators. Try to be among the most loved safari tourists.