The Leopards of Tsavo

Tsavo National Park is one of the top destinations in Kenya. It is in the southwestern part of the country. It is divided into 2; Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Tsavo west is home to many wild animals. During a safari, you can spot rhinos, lions, giraffes, hippos, and impalas among others. Tsavo East is also a great destination. Here, Tsavo animals include the big five such as leopards among others. This post focuses on the leopards of Tsavo. Continue reading this article to learn more about the beautiful animals.

The Leopards of Tsavo

Tsavo is known for its lions. But it is a fabulous destination for leopards. Here, leopard territories are small. For example, there is at least one leopard in every 5.6 square kilometers. This means that you are most likely to see a leopard. But Tsavo west may be the best to see a leopard. Let’s look at 5 facts about the leopards of Tsavo.

  • They have great hunting skills

The leopards of Tsavo have great hunting skills. They spend more time on trees stalking animals that they can hunt. They stalk smaller animals such as antelopes, baboons, deer, and birds among others. They are strong enough to tow their prey into branches. They drag even large bodies up. This is aimed at keeping their food safe from other animals such as hyenas. They are comfortable in trees. This is why spotting them is difficult. You have to be keen to see them resting on branches. They are good at sneaking up. They ambush their prey patiently and slowly. They wait for the best moment to attack.

  • They are athletic

The leopards of Tsavo are athletic. They have great climbing skills. They can run as fast just as cheetahs. They are good at jumping. They can jump 10 ft straight up. This is the trick they use to commonly attack prey such as birds. They are also good swimmers. All cats including lions and cheetahs are strong swimmers. But some like leopards like swimming more. Preys even larger ones may not escape even in the water.

  • They are solitary animals

The leopards of Tsavo mostly live alone. Adults have a home range. Male adults have a larger range. They use urine to mark the territories. They use scent to find each other during the breeding season. It takes about 3 months between conception and giving birth. They give birth to 2 to 3 cubs. The mother stays in the birthing den for several days before going back to hunt. The cubs start to learn how to hunt at about 3 months. By 12 months, they are ready to hunt. At this point, they start hunting on their own. There is minimal interaction with others. At 3 years, they are sexually mature and the cycle continues.

  • They can stay longer without drinking water

Leopards don’t need to drink much water. They can go up to 10 days without drinking water. They rely on moisture from their prey. Most of their foods contain enough moisture. This is unlike other animals such as elephants that need lots of water.

  • They are nocturnal hunters

This means that they are more active at night. Leopards have adapted retinas. As a result, they can see better at night. They can see better in the darkness than humans. This is why they hunt in dark and stay safe from hunters. They see better in dark than in daylight.

Accommodation in Tsavo

You don’t have to worry about accommodation in Tsavo. There are many places to stay. You can choose a budget, mid-range, or luxury accommodation. The choice will depend largely on your budget. Let’s look at some of the best accommodations. 

Sarova salt lick lodge

This is a luxury accommodation. It is located in Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.  They have a restaurant, bar, free parking, WIFI, and a bar among other facilities. Visitors enjoy activities such as game drives, guided nature walks, and bush dinners.

Leopards Lair

Leopards lair offers great mid-range accommodation. Visitors love it for an exciting wilderness escape. It is located on a hill increasing the chances of spotting the leopards of Tsavo. It is a small lodge. It has just 4 en-suite rooms. The verandas overlook the Tsavo area. There is a restaurant and a bar. Visitors enjoy many activities. These include walking safaris, night drives, game drives, bush dinners, etc.

Bluff lodge

The bluff lodge is another great accommodation. It is located in Lumo conservancy. The conservancy is home to cats such as leopards. Visitors enjoy the sightings of the beautiful and shy cat. You are more likely to spot the animal in trees. This is where it spends time watching prey and eating.

The bluff lodge is the best choice for a luxury safari experience. You will enjoy many activities including bush walks, game drives, and hiking. Apart from leopards, you will spot many other Tsavo animals. Here, we are talking about elephants, cheetahs, olive baboons, and antelopes among others. You will also enjoy bird watching in the Lumo conservancy.

The leopards of Tsavo are among the most beautiful cats. They should be a must-have on your bucket list. You are more likely to spot them in Tsavo during an African safari. We hope this article has given you a reason to go on a safari. You will love the sightings of leopards and other animals.