A camera is a must-have while on an African safari. It helps to capture the best moments. Today, we learn more about taking better safari pictures. You don’t have to be an expert to take perfect shots. You just need safari photography tips.

Taking Better Safari Pictures

The following tips will help you take perfect safari pictures.

  • Choose the proper location

Some destinations are great for safari photography. Masai Mara National Reserve is perfect for great shots. Serengeti National Park is also good for great photography. If you want to capture beaches, the East African coastline is perfect for you.

You can choose the dry season or the green season. Both seasons are great for photography. But some travelers would choose one season over the other. This depends on their taste. If you want photos with some colors, you can choose the green season.

  • Carry a good camera

This is one of the secrets to taking better safari pictures. Taking photos on safari is a must. It is one of the things that make safaris memorable. Some people choose to take photos with their phones. It is okay. If your phone can take great shots, then you can use it.

If you want the best shots, carry a good camera. If you can afford two cameras, it is even better. Changing lenses takes time. You might miss the best moment. You don’t want dust to get into the sensor. Your photos will not be clear. They will have spots. The best camera should have at least a 300 mm lens. You will have a smooth safari photography experience.

  • Proper settings

A proper camera setting is a must for taking better safari pictures. For the best shots, early mornings and evenings are perfect. They come with softer light which is perfect for safari photography.

Mid-day, there is too much light. This kind of light does not produce good shots. You may have to adjust lighting for perfect shots.

  • Consider the angle of the sun

While taking photos on safari, ensure that the sun is behind. This angle gives more details about the subject. Avoid shots with the sun facing you. You will miss some details. Your shots will also have shadows.

If the sun must face you, then choose early mornings or evenings. You can get a perfect shot.

  • Choose unique framing

It is one of the top African safari photography tips. Most people take safari photos in full frame. Mostly, your subject will be at the center. This style is okay. But you can try to be unique. You don’t have to put your subject at the center.

Feel free to play with angles. Use different sitting positions. Try to use different eye levels. There is no perfect angle for a perfect image. You just need to explore different options. Ensure that whatever is in the photo adds value to it. Adjust your camera to eliminate anything that will distract the picture. Include anything that would make the photo look great. This can be a tree, bush, pool of water, and anything else that adds value to your photo.

  • Take your time

Timing is a must for taking better safari pictures. Be patient while on safari. It may take time to spot an animal. Once you spot them, don’t just take photos. Take your time. Observe them and capture the best moments. Look for unique views.

Zooming in can help get a clear picture. But you can be different. A close-up shot is okay. But you can take pictures without zooming. Such shots have their stories.  It is good to be unique. It is not a rule that you must zoom in on an animal as close as possible. You can do it your way.

  • Capture different features

It is among the top African safari photography tips. Most people focus on the entire body of wild animals. But you can capture different features to tell a beautiful story. Let’s say you spot the ostrich. This stunning bird has the biggest eyes in the wild. You can choose to capture these eyes.

  • Capture different subjects

Most people focus on the Big Five while on safari. But there is so much beauty in Africa. You should not ignore even the smallest animals. Take pictures of plants. Africa is rich in flora. You will see many species of plants. Take great shots. Take pictures of landscapes, safari camps, tourists, and locals. Just remember to ask locals for permission.

  • Choose the best guide

With a good guide, taking better safari pictures will be easier. A good guide knows how to park the safari vehicle. They know how to position the vehicle to capture the best shots. They know when to change vehicle positions. They can even help you take the best photos.

This article is on tips for taking better safari pictures. We hope it gives you great ideas about safari photography. But African safaris are not just about taking photos. You need to have fun. Enjoy watching the behaviors of different animals. Don’t forget to meet local people.

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