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Simien National Park, Ethiopia is rich in wildlife and stunning landscapes. It was established in 1969. The National Reserve Act protects this beautiful wilderness. It is one of the world’s heritage sites. This means that it is very important to the world. As a result, it receives special protection. Travelers from across the world come here to experience natural beauty. This post provides more info about the park. You will learn more about its location, wildlife, and tours.

Simien Mountains National Park location

Simien National Park, Ethiopia is located in the northern part of the country. It is about 900 km north of the capital city, Addis Ababa. It is on the northern edge of Ethiopia’s central plateau. It overlooks the lowlands of River Tekeze. It is located in the middle of 3 main tourist attractions. These include Aksum, Lalibela, and Gondar.

Simien Mountains National Park animals

Simien National Park, Ethiopia is rich in wildlife. This is because of its range of habitats. Here are some of the animals found in the park.

Gelada Monkey is an old-world monkey. They are many in the park. You are guaranteed of seeing one while in the park. Estimates show that they are over 3,000 of these animals in the park. They have few natural enemies. This may explain their large number. They eat roots and grasses. This creates conflicts with farmers.

It is among the large animals in Simien National Park, Ethiopia. It is also known as the Simien fox. It is a rare animal in the world. It is also among the most threatened animals in Africa. Estimates show that there are about 520 of these animals in the world. As a result, the animals are largely protected in Ethiopia. The main threats include diseases such as rabies, crop farming, and overgrazing.

They are among the popular Simien Mountains National Park animals. In Ethiopia, Walia Ibex is a national symbol. It is the most sought animal in the country. This species is among the most endangered in the world. Poaching and a loss of habitat are their main threats.

Other animals found in the park are leopards, hyenas, jackals, and bushbucks among others.

Simien National Park, Ethiopia is great for bird watching. The park has about 180 species of birds. Some of the spectacular species are the Thick-billed raven and the Bearded vulture.

Apart from the fascinating fauna, the park is rich in unique flora. It has recorded over 250 species of plants. This adds to the beauty of the reserve.

Simien Mountains National Park tour

The park is among the top tourist destinations in Ethiopia. Tourists flock to the place for breathtaking experiences. Here are some of the common activities.

Tourists love trekking in the national park. You meet a trekking guide at the entrance. You can walk or take a ride. But climbing can be tiring. There are campsites after 15 to 25 km. While trekking, you enjoy sightings of wild animals and famous escarpments.

Travelers love watching birds in the park. Ethiopia is home to over 863 bird species. This is about 9.5% of the birds in the world. This makes the country a great place for bird lovers.

You can enjoy game drives in the park. Taking a tour guide makes the experience greater. The guides know much about the flora and fauna in the park. They can help you get to spot wild animals.

Simien Mountains National Park tour packages

Many tour operators can help you explore the national park. These operators offer several packages. You just need to choose one that meets your needs. You can choose to trek for a day in the park. You will spend about 7 to 9 hours. While trekking, you will see stunning flora and fauna.

You can also choose a longer tour. This is better than a 1-day package. You will have enough time to explore the park. You also get to visit other places in Ethiopia. For example, you can choose a 7-day package. You spend day 1 exploring Gondar. This is one of the cities in the country. On days 2 and 3, you spend time in the national park. On days 4,5,6, and 7, you visit other places in the country.

You can choose even a longer tour package. For example, you can choose a 12-day package. You get to spend enough time at Simien National Park, Ethiopia. You also visit other places such as Awasha and Bale Mountains national parks. Common activities include game drives and hikes.

Simien Mountains National Park tour packages are quite affordable. You can choose a budget tour. It is less expensive compared to other packages. You can choose a shared tour. You will share a safari vehicle with other tourists. This helps to reduce the cost of your safari. You can also choose luxury. You get to explore the wilderness in style.

Simien National Park, Ethiopia is great for wild viewing. You get to see 3 mammals that are only found in Ethiopia. You enjoy trekking and seeing stunning flora and fauna. You can visit this top destination at any time of the year. But dry seasons are the best for African safaris. The weather is usually good for great views and spotting animals. You can reach out for more about Simien Mountains NP tours.