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Africa is safe for tourists. Various measures have been adopted to ensure you and the wildlife are safe. But you also have a part to play. Today, we look at how to ensure safari safety. We tell you why you should keep your window closed! We also give you other tips on how to stay safe on safari. Most terrible incidents can be prevented.

Safari Safety: Keep Your Window Closed!

In 2011, a 28 years old man was left nursing with some injuries. He was enjoying a game drive in a national park in South Africa. He had visited Africa with his wife to enjoy their second anniversary. They opened the window a bit for some fresh air. A lioness tried to attack them through the gap. The tourist used his arm to block the lioness. He was bitten and left with some scratches.

In 2013, a rugby player was enjoying a game drive with his family at Lion Park. The window was a little open. A lion tried to attack them through the gap. It put its paw through the open space. Luckily, they were able to close the window on time.

In March 2015, an Australian tourist visited South Africa for a great adventure. The traveler was exploring the African wilderness with an open car window. Suddenly, a lion jumped through the window and attacked the tourist. The man was not killed. But he was left with scars from the brutal attack.

In June 2015, another serious attack happened. A young American tourist and a man were exploring a wildlife park in South Africa. At around 2:30 p.m., a lioness approached their vehicle. As the tourist was taking photos, the lion got to her side. The window was wide open. The lion attacked the woman through that window. The driver tried to protect the lady. But he was left with serious injuries. The lion was chased away quickly. An ambulance also arrived on time. Sadly, the lady passed away. 

The park is popular for private drives. Tourists enjoy closer views of lions in the enclosed area. You can pet cubs in smaller pens. You can also enjoy a guided walk. But there is one strict policy; your window should always be closed.

How to stay safe on safari?

Most parks and reserves have policies aimed at protecting tourists. Gauteng Lion & Safari Park is among the best places to view lions. You also get closer views of animals such as cheetahs. Tourists prefer self-drive in the park. But you can also enjoy shared game drives and guided nature walks. The park has safety policies to protect humans and wildlife.  Safari Safety: Keep Your Window Closed!

Tourists are warned about opening their windows. They are told to always ensure that the windows are closed. Across the park, there are many signages. They all want people to keep the windows always closed. Guests are also given a printed paper warning them not to open their windows.

Safety is a priority in many safari parks and reserves. Just like Lion Park in South Africa, they require tourists to keep their windows closed.

Keep doors locked

This is another tip on how to stay safe on safari. In South Africa, a family was enjoying a game drive in a park. The tourists saw a group of lions resting. They stopped the vehicle to take some photos.  A lioness approached the vehicle. The tourists were not scared because the windows were closed as they should be. But the doors were not locked. The lion opened the door using her mouth. Luckily, they were able to close it quickly. No one was hurt. We don’t want to imagine what would have happened if the lion managed to get into the vehicle.

Many other incidents have been reported when animals have opened unlocked doors. Baboons are popular for this. This is dangerous for you and the wild animals. We should ensure that we protect everyone. One way to do this is to lock our doors. Before you start any safari, ensure that the doors are locked.

Additional tips on how to stay safe on safari;

Keep your distance. It is tempting to get closer to animals. They are wild animals. They can easily become wild and attack. Keep some distance between your vehicle and the animals. Sometimes, closing windows and locking doors is not enough. Some agitated animals can attack and flip vehicles. You must give them enough space. Watch them from afar.

Don’t leave your car. For your safety, stay in the car. Your guide will tell you when to go out. You may also see signage in safe places.

Always listen to your guide. Follow their instructions. They are trained and experienced. They know how to keep everyone safe.

Read safety policies when entering a park or reserve. Remember entering these properties is entirely at your own risk. Parks are not liable for any damage. Read their safety policies before entering them.

Keep Your Window Closed! It is among the top safari safety tips. Not following this safety policy can become fatal. We have shared a story of a tourist who was attacked by a lion through the window. It is quite unfortunate that the woman died. We can prevent such incidents by strictly following safety measures. Follow our blog to learn more about how to stay safe on safari.