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More travelers are going on a multigenerational holiday. COVID-19 has given us a reason to spend more time together as a family. During the pandemic, families were separated. This was not avoidable. We needed to keep each other safe. Grandparents missed their kids and grandkids. But nothing much would be done. But today, there is much that can be done. Families are traveling together more than ever. This is giving them enough time to reconnect and bond. Let’s learn more about multigenerational travel in Africa. This is a safari trend that is here to stay.

Multigenerational travel meaning

Let’s look at multigenerational travel meaning. It is when several generations enjoy a holiday together. These are people of different ages from one family. Such a holiday will have a grandparent, parent, and child. It may also have an uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Multigenerational Travel in Africa

Before COVID-19, people were already attracted to multigenerational travel in Africa. This was associated with several factors. Here are some of these factors.

What is fueling the travel today?

COVID-19 is among the factors fueling the traveling of all generations. During the pandemic, families were isolated. Mostly, grandparents could not spend time with their grandkids. Most people did not see their loved ones for a while. This is the time people realized the importance of family time. We started seeing the value of family travel. As a result, more multigenerational travels are becoming common.

Where Are Multigenerational Travelers Going?

To Africa. We all agree that Africa is the perfect destination for a family safari. There are many activities for all family members. These activities include;

Game drives are perfect for a family. Grandparents, parents, and kids do enjoy seeing wild animals. You can have the best game drives in Masai Mara, Kenya. But there are many other parks and reserves. Families get to see big animals such as elephants, leopards, buffaloes, lions, and hippos. They also see smaller animals such as giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes among others. Wildlife viewing is one of the great experiences you can enjoy on a safari.

Families can enjoy bird watching in Africa. The continent is rich in birdlife. Many families who love birds visit Kenya. It has many species of birds. Families visit the Great Rift valley to see the famous flamingos. Lake Bogoria has millions of these beautiful birds. You can see them across the year. Lake Nakuru is home to these birds. You will see thousands of them. These lakes are home to many other species of birds. It is a great destination for families.

Multigenerational travel in Africa includes activities such as nature walks. The whole family enjoys a viewing walk in nature. Expect to see animals such as gazelles, giraffes, and zebras. The walks are flexible. Mostly, they cover short distances because of the elderly and kids.

Boat safaris are great for all family members. You enjoy a closer view of animals such as hippos. Also, your work is just admiring the view. They are common in Kenya and Tanzania

Families can enjoy hiking on safari. This is a great way to spend time together. It also helps to keep fit. You don’t have to reach the peak. Trekking for some distance can be enough.

This is common during multigenerational travel in Africa. Old and young enjoy horse riding safaris in Africa. This is common in Masai Mara, Kenya. Camel safaris are common in Turkana.

Africa has beautiful beaches. Families can spend quality time together on these beaches. There are also great water sports. All family members can enjoy fishing and swimming.

There are many activities for families in Africa. So, you have every reason to travel with your parents and kids. People are looking for more unique travel experiences. Multigenerational travel is one of those. So, this is not ending any time soon. The pandemic has given us a great reason to spend more time together. We have learned that tomorrow is not predictable. The best thing is to value today. The only thing that we may have tomorrow is just shared memories.

Family-friendly accommodation

Africa is a perfect place for family tours. Accommodation is readily available. Some safari camps and lodges are made specifically for families. They also have programs for kids and their parents. You can choose a luxury or more affordable camp or lodge. Either way, your family will have a memorable tour experience in Africa.

Do you want your family to spend quality time together? Then, think about multigenerational travel in Africa. More families across the world continue to share this unique safari experience. Contact us for more on family tours. We will help you plan an unforgettable multigenerational safari.