Climbing to The Snows of Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa has great tourist destinations. One of these is Mount Kilimanjaro. This snow-capped mountain is found in Tanzania. It is a great mountain for climbers. You don’t need technical skills or equipment to reach the peak. Climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro can be quite easy. It is one of the most rewarding activities while on safari. You also get to enjoy the sightings of diverse wildlife.

Facts about Mount Kilimanjaro

  • It is one of the 7 summits

Seven Summits are the highest mountains in the seven contents. Each continent has the highest mountain. Mount Everest is the highest of them all. It is found in Asia. It reaches an elevation of 8,850 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa. It is found in Tanzania. It reaches an elevation of 5,895 meters.  Carstensz Pyramid is the lowest among the 7 summits. It is found in Oceania. It raises an elevation of 4,884 meters.

Do you love climbing? Then, you should consider climbing the Seven Summits. Climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro is a good start. It is one of the most fulfilling sports. Kilimanjaro is among the most popular mountain for hikers. It is also a good place for first-time hikers. It is among the easiest to climb among the 7. You may not need technical skills.

  • It has 3 volcano cones

Mount Kilimanjaro is a free-standing mountain. It is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Such mountains are formed by volcanic activities. But it has 3 volcanic cones. Kibo is the highest peak. It is 5,895 meters tall. Mawenzi is 5,149 m. Shira is 3,962 m.

  • The first climbing was in 1889

The first climbing was done in 1889. Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller were among the first climbers. They were with Lauwo Yohani, a local guide.

Since then, many people have climbed the mountain. Great athletes have climbed the mountain. Karl Egloff used just 6 hours and 42 minutes to climb and descend the mountain. Many other leaders, celebs, and travelers have successfully climbed the mountain.

So, don’t be afraid of climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro. Others have done it. You can do it too. Age does not matter. Young and old have made it to the peak. An 89-year-old woman has reached the peak. She held the world record in 2019. This is proof that you too can make it. You just need to be fit to be part of history.

  • Most people fail

Climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro seems easy. But, about half of climbers fail to reach the peak. People suffer from altitude sickness. Some people choose the shortest route. This is the Marangu route. It needs 5 days for a round trip. But the route fails to give the body enough time to adapt. Taking a longer route is better. The body gets enough time to adapt.

There are other reasons why people fail. These include not doing enough training, wrong gear, and poor guide service.

  • It is rich in wildlife

Climbers enjoy sightings of wildlife. You can see larger animals such as elephants and buffaloes. The mountain is home to carnivores such as leopards. You may see primates such as baboons, and blue monkeys.  Antelopes are common. Over 180 species of birds have been recorded.

Do you want to go climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro? Well, get ready for a treat. You will love the views of fascinating wildlife. This may be why we have The Snows of Kilimanjaro book. The writer must have enjoyed an African safari.

Here are tips on what to do before climbing to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Find a friend or friends. You need people to climb the mountain. You will look out for each other. You will push each other to reach the peak. At some point, you will be very tired. You will almost give up. You need friends to motivate you.
  • Prepare your body. You need to prepare physically to reach the highest peak. Altitude sickness can easily strike. It is important to start the hike when fit. Before the hike, do some training. Climb hills back at home.
  • Prepare mentally. Climbing the mountain is amazing. Reaching the peak is even more amazing. But your mental health should be fit. You need strength to keep fighting. This is possible with the right mindset.

How long does it take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

It depends on the route. But in all routes, it takes 5 to 9 days. You are likely to reach the peak if you spend more days. Spending a few days may lead to altitude sickness. Most people who have failed to reach the peak spent a few days. Consider using the longer route. Your body will be prepared well to reach the peak and finish point.

Tour operators will make your climbing much easier. Staff will carry most of the essentials. They will carry the tent, food, and your bag. They will put up tents. They will help you climb the mountain and reach the peak. They will also be there for you as you go back down. The guides are very useful. They ensure that hikers have a memorable experience. They are well-trained and experienced. Contact us to help you plan a great adventure. You need to see the snows of Kilimanjaro.