You can enjoy a self-drive safari in Africa. It is perfect if you are a great adventurer. You will have enough time and space to explore top destinations. But you will be in control of your safari. You will need to book accommodation in advance. You will need to choose the route you will take. You will need to do a lot of planning by yourself. Self-drive safaris are great. But they come with a lot of responsibilities. You will be the one to ensure that everything goes as planned. But help is only a phone call away. There is always someone ready to help you out at a small fee. In this post, we share info about African self-drive safaris and tours.

Advantages of African self-drive safaris and tours

  • Affordability

Compared to other types of safaris, African self-drive safaris and tours are cheaper. If you want to spend less, consider these safaris. You will not need to hire a driver or a guide. You will only pay the entrance fee and accommodation. If you are on a budget, you don’t have to miss your safari. Just choose a self-drive safari. We can help you book a safari vehicle with the tip tour operators.

  • Better game viewing

African self-drive safaris and tours are perfect for better game viewing. You can stop when and where you want. You can also take enough time to see wildlife. This type of freedom is not possible in shared safari vehicles.

  • Privacy and comfort

If you love privacy, then African self-drive safaris and tours are perfect for you. You will not travel with strangers. You will not need to share your space with other travelers. You also get to enjoy comfort in your vehicle.

These safaris are best for families. You and your people don’t have to share space with strangers. A self-drive safari gives families great comfort. While with kids, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

  • Flexibility

African self-drive safaris and tours are a bit more flexible. Group travel involves a strict travel plan. You must be at the right place at the right time. You may not stop even if you see a beautiful view. If you are lucky enough, you will only stop for a few minutes.

Self-drive safaris are different. You are in control of the safari. Your schedule is not very strict. You can easily adjust it. You can wake up and decide to go on a different route. These safaris are quite fun. You should try one today.

  • You can combine them with other safaris

You don’t have to self-drive during your entire holiday. You can combine it with other safaris. You can enjoy shared game drives for a few days. Then, have a guided nature walk for a day or two. Finally, you can enjoy a self-drive safari. You can also enjoy hot air balloon safaris, air safaris, and boat safaris. You have a lot of options. Just ensure that you have a memorable safari.

Self-drive safari Kenya

Here are some of the best places for self-drive safaris;

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Guided safaris are great. Tour guides are experienced when it comes to safaris. They understand the routes. So, you don’t spend much time on maps. They know where to spot animals. This increases the chances of seeing your favorite animal. They know what to do when they encounter an agitated animal. There are many incidents where guides have saved tourists from animal attacks.

But self-drive safaris have their advantages too. Masai Mara is one of the places you can enjoy self-drive safaris. It is among the top places to watch wildlife in Africa. You can visit it at any time of the year. But July to February may be a better option. You may enjoy watching the Great Migration. Accommodation is readily available. You can choose a camp or hotel in or outside the park.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

You can enjoy African self-drive safaris and tours in this park. It is popular for its high number of elephants. This protected area is home to other animals. These include giraffes, lions, buffaloes, zebras, and cheetahs among others. It has a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

You can self-drive 4×4 tours in this park. It is popular for its pink flamingos. Expect to see other animals such as elephants, hippos, rhinos, and giraffes among others.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

You can enjoy African self-drive safaris and tours in Tanzania. Serengeti is rich in wildlife. You can spot lions, leopards, rhinos, cheetahs, and hippos among other animals.

Ruaha National Park

You can enjoy a self-drive safari in this national park. It has a large population of elephants. Common species of birds include sunbirds, Kingfishers, and hornbills. Other common animals include antelopes, wild dogs, cheetahs, and lions.

Self-drive safaris can be fun. You don’t have to explore just one destination. You can combine several for a better experience. You can also combine self-drives with other safaris such as guided game drives. This is the perfect way to ensure that you have a fulfilling safari.

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