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Africa is the top destination for viewing wildlife. You can view wildlife in the land or air. But you can do the same on the water. This post focuses on African canoe safaris. Read on and learn a different way of viewing wild animals in Africa. It is not just a unique experience but also relaxing.

African Canoe Safaris

African canoeing is an alternative to the vehicle or air safaris. Usually, tourists use safari vehicles to see wildlife. You can use a Jeep or a safari van. Other tourists prefer air safaris. They see wildlife from above. All these experiences are great. You enjoy seeing diverse wildlife.

For a unique experience, you can choose African canoe safaris. Some will call them boat safaris. They are great for getting closer to wildlife. Tourists enjoy closer views of hippos, crocodiles, and birds in the water. Along the banks of rivers are other many species of animals. You can see elephants, antelopes, giraffes, and zebras taking water.

African canoeing is also smoother compared to vehicle safaris. You avoid bumpy roads. You also enjoy a noise-free safari.

Types of African Canoe Safaris

There are several types of African canoe safaris. You can choose any of these;

Best places for African Canoe Safari

Canoeing in Kenya

Kenya has some great places for short canoeing. One of these places is Lake Nakuru. The lake is rich in wildlife. Tourists enjoy closer views of pink flamingos and other bird species. Tourists also see hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, waterbucks, and impalas. Boat safaris offer a unique and relaxing safari experience. These safaris are available across the year. You can book a full or half-day safari.

You can enjoy canoe trails in other places in Kenya. These include Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria, and Lake Turkana among others.

Canoeing in Tanzania

You can enjoy canoeing in Momella Lake. It is located in Arusha NP. Tourists see animals such as waterbucks, giraffes, and buffaloes. They watch over 600 bird species. They also enjoy views of Mount Kilimanjaro. You can canoe in other places such as Lakes Manyara, Eyasi, and Challa.

Canoeing in Uganda

Uganda has some great places for canoeing. The Nile River is one of these places. It offers the best way to explore Africa. You can book a 1 or 2-day safari. You will have enough time to explore the longest river in the world.

Zambezi River

It is one of the best destinations for African canoe safaris. Most people canoe the river in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Many camps in this region offer canoeing safaris. These include;

Canoe safaris can take an hour. You can do this after a game drive. You don’t need any experience to enjoy the safari. You can enjoy a 7-hour canoe safari. You can also choose a full-day safari. Expect an unbeatable experience.


It is a great place for African canoe safaris. Tourists canoe through the Okavango Delta. You can choose morning or evening canoe safaris. Selinda camp offers luxury canoe safaris.

Botswana 5-day safari

You can book a 5-day safari in Botswana. You will enjoy land and water safaris. This is a great chance to see amazing wildlife.  You will enjoy game drives as well as canoeing in the Okavango Delta.

You can also choose a 1-day safari. You will enjoy full-day canoeing in the Boro River, Botswana. But you can combine canoeing with walks and hikes.

African canoe safaris offer a unique experience. You enjoy closer views of wild animals. You avoid the noises of safari vehicles. You avoid bumpy roads common during game drives. Canoe safaris are smooth, relaxing, and fun. You can combine canoeing with other safari activities. These activities include game drives, nature walks, balloon safaris, and horse riding among others.

Do you want to enjoy African canoe safaris? Book your safari today. Feel free to reach out for any help. We can help you plan a great adventure.