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You must have heard a lot about safaris. While some things are true, others are false. In this post, we look at 10 top safari myths. Some will surprise you.

Africa is Dangerous- 10 Top Safari Myths Revealed

You hear a lot of news about Africa. You hear about wars, revolutions, and dangerous animals. Because of this people think that Africa is dangerous. This is one of the 10 top safari myths. First, Africa is not a country. It is a continent. It has 54 countries. Each country is unique in its ways. Most of these countries are very safe and peaceful. This is why millions of travelers visit them every year. Violent crimes are rare. Many tourists report feeling safe in African countries.

Negative news travel very fast. So, the media tends to focus more on them. This is why you may not hear more about the good side of Africa. Do not let the negative news affect your plans to visit Africa. If Africa is dangerous, why are millions of travelers still visiting it? Why are global leaders traveling to the continent? Why are popular celebs going to Africa? For an amazing adventure, travel to Africa. You can never get African experiences anywhere else in the world.

It is true. African safaris can be expensive. Luxury safaris tend to be a bit expensive. This is because you get top-notch treatment. But safaris do not have to be expensive. You can choose a budget and mid-range safari package.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy an affordable safari. Choose road travel over air safari. Road transport is cheaper. Most roads are in good condition. You also get to explore the host country. Travel as a group. This is cheaper than traveling alone. Choose to share a safari vehicle. You can share a Land Rover Jeep with other tourists. This is cheaper than using the jeep alone. A safari van is also much cheaper.

Let’s look at accommodation. You don’t have to stay in luxury lodges or camps. You can stay in budget camps. They are usually comfortable. You also get to meet more people.

Africa may not enjoy a 100% internet connection. But we cannot say that there is no internet connection. Most countries enjoy more than 50% connection. Morocco has an 84.1% connection. South Africa enjoys a 68.2% connection. Kenya’s internet connection is almost at 50%. So, you don’t have to worry about the internet. Most safari lodges and camps offer free WIFI.

Female lions are powerful and skilled in hunting. Their bodies are more fit for hunting. But this does not mean that males cannot hunt. They just do not hunt as often as females. Their main role is to defend their territory. They avoid hunting to avoid injuries. They need to be fit to defend their pride. The mane hair of the male makes it harder to hunt. It makes it harder for it to hide and stalk prey. But when help is needed, they will be there. For example, pride may be too small to kill a large animal. In this case, a male will help in hunting.

This is a myth. Ostrich does swallow sand and small stones. This helps to digest food. But they do not bury their head in the sand.

This is not a fact. Mice appear quickly and move very fast. This can startle anyone including the elephant. So, we cannot say these large animals fear mice. They are just surprised by the sudden and quick movement.

They are not. Hippos can spend many hours in the water. But they cannot swim. They walk along the river bed. But they have adaptations that allow them to stay and sleep in the water.

This is a myth. It is possible to have this belief. This is because females look like males. Females have a clitoris that looks like a male penis. The clitoris is long and can reach 8 inches. They use the body part to urinate and mate just like males. But the female has other female organs. They have a uterus and ovaries. They are normal females. So, we cannot say they are Hermaphrodites.

This is a myth. It is good to spend more time in Africa. You get to learn a lot about this amazing continent. But even short safaris can be great. You just need a good tour operator to help with planning.

It is very hard to plan a great adventure by yourself. You need an expert to help you out. A safari expert will help you choose top destinations. They will help you choose a great place to stay. They will help you create a good schedule. A guided safari always leads to a great adventure.

This post has revealed 10 top safari myths. Some myths have been shared a lot that they look like facts. But they remain to be myths. You need to visit Africa to see for yourself. We can help you book your safari.