10 Top Activities While on Safari

Are you planning to go on an African safari? Well, you need to identify activities that you may include in your itinerary. Most visitors know about game drives. While this is a top activity, there are many others. First, there is a lot you need to know about game drives. This post contains this info. It also lists 10 top activities while on safari. You may enjoy most of these activities with proper planning. This is because some activities are done in different destinations. These activities are just part of what an African safari offers. There is much more to enjoy and experience in Africa.

10 Top Activities While on Safari

  • Game drives

Game drives are adventures aimed at exploring a wildlife area. They are among the 10 top activities while on safari. The purpose is to see wild animals. You can enjoy a game drive in a private vehicle. You can also choose a shared experience. You will share a travel vehicle with other travelers.

Safari vehicles can be closed or opened. You can travel in a closed vehicle. You can choose the 4×4 Land Rover or Landcruiser Jeep. 4×4 vehicles are good for all-terrain and all-weather. So, they are popular while on safari. They carry 6 travelers. But can carry 8 people comfortably. They are spacious enough. They also have several roofs for viewing wild animals.

You can travel with a minibus or tour van. They are cheaper than Land Rover Jeeps. They carry about 6 to 9 people. Each traveler has a window seat. They are reliable. They can handle most road safaris.

You can choose open-side vehicles. These safari vehicles are not fit for the road. But they are good for game drives. You get to enjoy clear side views during your safari.

Game drives are common activities while on safari in Kenya. If you visit Masai Mara, expect to enjoy several game drives. A drive may take 2 to 3 hours. Mostly, they are done twice per day. You enjoy a morning game drive from 6.30 am. Then, there is an afternoon game drive. This can start at 3.30 pm.

You can also enjoy night game drives. Some animals are active at night. Some camps and lodges organize such activities.

Are you thinking of what to do on an Africa safari? Game drives are a must on your bucket list. They can also be good safari activities for elementary students.

  • Guided safari walks

Walking safaris are among the 10 top activities while on safari. You go for nature walks in a conservation area. The aim is to see wild animals in their natural habitat. You can go on a nature walk within your camp. You can also explore the area outside the camp. The walks can take about an hour within the camp. Outside the camp may take about 3 hours. They are favorable in the morning or afternoon. Some reserves do not allow walking safaris. You can enjoy the activities in private conservancies. But you will need a good plan and an experienced guide.

  • Balloon Safaris

Hot air balloon safaris are great in reserves. For example, they are perfect in Masai Mara. You get to see wild animals from the skies. Travelers report breathless experiences. You get to enjoy African plains from above. It is a great way to create memories that will last forever.

  • Bush dining

It is one of the 10 top activities while on safari. You can enjoy breakfast under the African stars. This can be on the plains with views of wild animals. After a game drive, you find a set-up in the bush. Then, you enjoy your meal in a calm setting. It is among the best safari activities for elementary students.

  • Boat safaris

While on an African safari, you should enjoy boat rides. These are common activities in areas with lakes. Boat safaris are also common on the coastline. They are good for closer views of wildlife.

  • Mountain biking or hiking

These are great activities for a memorable safari. They are done on most destinations. For example, you can enjoy hiking in Kenya and Tanzania.

  • Water sports

Water sports are among the 10 top activities while on safari. You can visit the coast for diving and snorkeling activities.

  • Camel safaris

While on safari, you can enjoy camel rides. The amazing animals are a means of transport in desert areas. Travelers enjoy camel safaris. They are common in Kenya, especially in Turkana and Samburu.

  • Mingle with locals

While on safari, ensure that you interact with local communities. Africa is rich when it comes to culture. You will meet locals in all destinations. Interact with them and learn about the culture. It is usually fun and more interesting.

  • Improve your photography skills

For a memorable safari, dust off your lens. Take great photos. Ensure you have several photos for every activity. During the game drives, take as many photos as you can. African safaris are usually fascinating. You don’t want to forget any of the memories. Photography is one way to keep these memories alive.

Are you thinking about what to do on an Africa safari? Well, this post has listed 10 top activities while on safari. With proper planning, you can enjoy most of these activities. You just need to choose a good tour operator.