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While on an African safari tour, you will spend more time on a safari vehicle. Here, we look at 10 tips on vehicle etiquette on safari. You are likely to share a safari vehicle with other tourists. These tips ensure that every traveler has an enjoyable safari.

10 Tips on Vehicle Etiquette on Safari

You need to carry some items while on safari. You need a camera to take photos. You need binoculars to see animals from a distance. You need sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. They will protect you from the sun. You need insect repellant while going for a game drive. You also need a medical kit. The kits should have bandages, aspirin, and pain relief meds. With these items, you are prepared for an adventure. While boarding a safari vehicle, ensure that you have these essentials. You don’t want to disturb other travelers.

This is among the 10 tips on vehicle etiquette on safari. Ensure that you are ready to board a safari vehicle on time. You will have an itinerary showing what to do and at what time. Try to keep time. Don’t be the one delaying others. Again, time is very valued during safaris. If you are late, you may not spot some animals. Consider setting an alarm. This is among the common safari tips and tricks. You will always wake up on time.

You should not smoke in safari vehicles. You will most likely bother other travelers. It is very good to be caring. If you must smoke, ask for a break. Also, don’t litter the environment. Have a bag to put cigar ends. You can dispose them right after the safari.

Being courteous is among the 10 tips on vehicle etiquette on safari. Think about the interests of other travelers. Try not to be selfish. Give them a chance to get the best. You can allow others to get that ‘best’ seat.

Don’t take all the time with the guide. Be considerate. It is good to ask the guide questions. But give others time to ask their questions. It is good that everyone gets the attention of the guide. Every tourist should learn a lot while on safari. Ensure that you don’t forget other travelers.

Control talking while in safari vehicles. Don’t talk nonstop. Don’t always be the center of attention. Talk when needed. Shut up when needed. You don’t want to disrupt other travelers. More talk can also put others off.

Control your voices too. It is very important to lower your voice. It helps others to enjoy the safari. It is better to whisper. This is among the top safari tips and tricks. You will not disturb other travelers. You will also not disturb the wild animals.

Being patient is among the 10 tips on vehicle etiquette on safari. From time to time, it may be hard to spot an animal. Your driver will try to get you where you can spot them. Try not to complain. Give the driver time. Be patient. In the end, the wait will be worth it.

While sharing a safari vehicle, you may see something others have not. For example, you may spot a leopard. Other travelers may be busy searching for one. Do not be selfish. You are on the safari for the same reasons. You all want to see amazing animals in Africa. It is rare to see most of these animals back at home. Share any info that can give others a great safari. It feels good to make someone’s day. Do not keep any info to yourself. Share and share.

During game drives, you should always stay inside the vehicle. It is the only way to ensure your safety. Going out puts you, other travelers, and wildlife in danger. There are incidents where travelers outside their vehicles have been attacked. You don’t want a lion to catch you outside your vehicle.

Your guide will let you know when to get out. Some places are safer. Most of these places have clear signs. Try not to argue with the driver. They know what is safe for you.

You should stay in your vehicle. But you should not sit on the window. You freak the animals out. Then they will run away. You will not enjoy a good view. They may also run toward you. A lion can pop out of the bush and attack from behind.

Do you plan to go on a safari as a family? It is a great plan. You will have lots of fun together. It is also a great time to reconnect. Safaris offer many activities for families. Accommodation is also readily available for families.

Sharing a safari vehicle can be tricky. Children can be a bit noisy. You may disturb other travelers. Consider a private vehicle. It is very good to be kind. Allow other travelers to have an enjoyable safari. With a private vehicle, you also enjoy a flexible safari. You can choose when to go on a game drive.

Now you know 10 tips on vehicle etiquette on safari. Follow us for more on African safari tours.