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Today, we give you a list of 10 things to avoid on safari. If you avoid these things, you are going to have a smooth safari. You will enjoy the sightings of wildlife in Africa. Africa is not just rich in wildlife. It is also the best destination for memorable safari experiences.

10 Things to Avoid on Safari

Feeding animals is among the 10 things to avoid on safari. It is prohibited. Most protected areas strictly prohibit the feeding of animals. It is considered to be cruel. When you feed animals, you encourage them to stay in parking lots and roadsides. This increases the chances of them being run over.

Wild animals eat specific natural foods. Their bodies are adapted to digesting this kind of food. They need certain bacteria to digest the food humans feed them. That bacteria can increase in the stomach. This makes it harder for the animals to digest natural foods. Some end up dying. They starve to death because they can not digest food. This is more than cruel.

Feeding animals also puts you and wildlife at risk. The animal may attempt to attack you for more food. If you are in great danger, that animal may have to be killed to protect you. Do not feed animals for the best African safari. Just don’t bring any food. Ensure you are full before leaving your camp. It is one of the popular Kenya safari tips. It will reduce the need for feeding animals. You will enjoy meals in selected places.

Avoid bright colors for the best African safari. Instead, choose neutral colors. Colors such as green, beige, khaki, and brown are perfect. These colors blend with the environment. They do not distract animals. You have a better chance of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

Bright colors such as white and red can disturb or scare away animals. This would reduce the chances of seeing the fascinating animals. You should also avoid blue and black colors. They tend to attract insects. You don’t want a tsetse fly bite. It can be quite painful.

You may be tempted to call animals while on safari. NEVER do that. Don’t even call an antelope. Any strange noise can disturb wild animals. Some may feel that they are in danger. In response, they may run away or try to attack you.

Sometimes, safaris get intense. An angry animal can charge at you. Avoid screaming. Try to stay calm. Screaming or shouting will only agitate the animal more. Don’t even think of running. If you were seated, don’t stand up quickly. Try to remain calm. Any sudden move will scare the animal more. In response, it will want to attack you to defend itself.

For the best safari in Kenya, stay in your tent, lodge, or hotel at night. Only go out when it is needed. Have a good torch when you go out. What if you bump into an animal? Stay calm. Back off slowly and go back to your room. Avoid anything that may scare the animal. Don’t scream or run. If you must run, ensure there is a good distance between you and the animal.

Flashy photography is among the 10 things to avoid on safari. While on safari, you should not attract the attention of animals. You should observe them in their natural habitat. These animals are used to engine sounds and low voices.

They are not used to flash photography. It can frighten them. Some animals will run away. Others such as elephants and buffalos will charge at you. This will put everyone in danger.

Some animals are sensitive to light. A sudden flash can blind them briefly. Predators can easily kill them in that state.

You should not disrespect local people. Always ask for permission to take their photos. This is one of the top Kenya safari tips. Some people shy away from cameras. Try to be sensitive. Don’t go taking their photos. Greet them and then ask for permission to take photos.

Smoking or strange smells will bother animals. In response, they may go into hiding. This means you are less likely to spot them. Try to avoid strong perfumes too. Smoking will also disturb other travelers. Most safari guides do not allow smoking.

Don’t forget to carry water while on safari. It is easy to become dehydrated. Carry bottled water. Don’t leave the bottles behind. You should not litter the environment. Carry any trash with you back to your hotel or camp.

This is one of the 10 things to avoid on safari. It is for your safety. You also need to protect other travelers. Only leave the vehicle when allowed.

Always listen to your safari guide. They know what they are doing. They always want the best for you. After all, they are experts when it comes to African safari tours. They know how to protect you and the wildlife.

Here, we have looked at 10 things to avoid on safari.  Doing the right thing on safari is the first step toward a great adventure. Do you need more info about African safari tours? Contact us today.