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Have you been on an African safari? If yes, you know Africa is the best destination for safari. If not, you may be wondering what to and not to expect. Here, we give you 10 things NOT to expect on safari. We hope this article will be useful.

10 Things NOT to Expect on Safari

Most people go on safari to see wildlife. This is because Africa is rich in wildlife. There are so many wild animals that you can see. Masai Mara is one of the popular destinations in Kenya. The national reserve has the finest collection. There is the Big Five. These include buffaloes, leopards, lions, rhinos, and elephants. This list can be expanded to the Big Nine. It includes animals such as hippos, cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes. There are many other mammals. These include antelope, African hare, fox, bush babies, monkeys, and hyenas among others.

Will I see all animal species while on safari? This is one of the 10 things not to expect on safari. It is a guarantee that you will see some species. But it is not a must to spot others. Some seasons are better for seeing some animals than others. Also, nature is not predictable. Animals can change their habits. You can reach out for more info on the best time to visit Kenya for a safari.

We are used to petting domestic animals. You probably enjoy petting cats or dogs. They also love being petted. But don’t expect to pet wild animals on safari. They are not used to human touch. They don’t feel the pleasure that cats or dogs feel at home. They may not relax and enjoy your touch.

For best African safari, forget about petting wild animals. Your touch will give them anxiety. They will be frightened. In response, they may run away. Others may choose to attack you to protect themselves. In short, petting wild animals puts you and them in danger.

Feeding wild animals sounds fun. It is something that you would probably want to do. But it is among the 10 things not to expect on safari in Kenya. Most parks prohibit the feeding of animals.

When going on safari, you come up with a plan. Your itinerary will show where you should be at a given time. Let’s say you are going on a safari to Kenya. You may plan to enjoy two game drives in a 1-day safari in Masai Mara. The weather may change and you may be forced to cancel a game drive. You may also fail to spot your best animal during the game drives. As a result, you may have to spend one more day in the park. Things may not always go as planned. The secret is to be patient.

For the best African safari, forget about getting too close to animals. Wild animals look so calm while in their natural habitat. But they are wild animals. They can easily become wild. It sounds fun to get closer views. But NEVER get too close. You will disturb them. They will see you as a threat. They may attack or even kill you to defend themselves. For your safety and their safety, keep your distance.

This is among the 10 things not to expect on safari in Kenya. Not all camps or lodges offer luxury. Of course, there are luxury categories. They are a bit expensive. If you want luxury and comfort, they are the best. But there are other options you can choose mod-range and budget accommodation. They are more affordable. They are also readily available across the country.

You probably have seen tourists enjoy game drives in open safari vehicles. But this is not always the case. Safari vehicles come in different shapes. You can enjoy a game drive in an open 4×4 Jeep. This is only allowed in game parks and reserves. It is not good for transfers. Usually, you will find them in safari camps.

You can enjoy a game drive in a closed 4×4 vehicle. This is the most common safari vehicle. Closed means that you can close the windows and the doors. It is the best for a safe safari. You just need to close your windows and lock the doors.

You can also enjoy a game drive in a safari van. It is more affordable than jeeps. It is also good for a shared safari game drive.

Night game drives are not a guarantee. Some camps organize night game drives. But they are rare in Africa. Most protected areas prefer day game drives. We can help you find camps that offer night game drives. Usually, they start at 7 pm. But you may have to pay extra money. Most packages do not include night game drives.

What happens when mother nature calls while on safari? Well, you may have to finish your business behind the vehicle. Do not expect toilets in the bush. Also, don’t expect to get into the bush to pee. You may disturb a sleeping leopard. Just use the toilet when leaving your camp. Else, be ready to do your business close enough to the safari vehicle.

Do not expect paved roads in parks and reserves. Expect rough and bumpy roads. The safari may not be very smooth. But it will be worth it.

Now you know 10 things not to expect on safari. Follow our blog for more info about African safari tours.