The green season is the best time to go on an African safari. It is the rainy season in Africa. In East Africa, it is between November and May. You can visit Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania during these months. Most people visit Africa during the dry season. This is usually the peak season in most countries. But some people prefer the low season. Here, we give you 10 reasons to go on safari in the green season. The dry season is great for African safaris. But for several reasons, the green season is also great for safaris.

10 Reasons to Go on Safari in the Green Season

  • Fewer People are on safari

A majority of tourists do on safari during dry seasons. Usually, these are the high seasons. If you travel this time, expect large crowds. High seasons are good as you get to meet many new people.

If you don’t like crowds, then, consider the green season. Fewer tourists travel during this season.  You get to enjoy a less noisy experience. This is one of the top 10 reasons to go on safari in the green season.

With few visitors, you enjoy several benefits. You will don’t compete for space to watch wildlife. This is common during the peak season. Taking photos is much easier during the green season. This is the perfect season for a more peaceful African safari tour.

  • Affordable rates

During the green season, the demand for tourism services and products is low. When the demand is low, prices tend to go down. Most service providers reduce their prices. This makes the safari more affordable.

Tourism service providers have special offers during the low season. Safari camps and lodges reduce their prices. Prices can be down by 10%. They also have offers such as free nights. Safari operators reduce package prices and also have offers. So, going on safari during the green season is a great way to save money.

For family safaris, this is the best season. Most tour operators offer discounts for children. They also relax restrictions for allowed children. This makes the green season ideal for family safaris. You get to enjoy a great time together at an affordable rate.

  • No availability issues

During high seasons, the demand for tour services is quite high. This creates availability issues. You have to book most services in advance. Such issues are not common during the low season. Few visitors travel during this season. So, it is easier to find tour services. It is easier to find a guide, tour operator, and accommodation.

  • Great wildlife viewing opportunities

One of the 10 reasons to go on safari in the green season is to get greater views. Peak seasons are great for seeing wild animals. But there may be a lot of distractions. There are many travelers and safari vehicles.

During the green season, the views are almost clear. Birds are many during this season. Migratory birds are common in Africa during the rainy season. If you love watching colorful birds, book your safari during this season.

  • See young ones

The best time to see babies is during the green season. It is usually the perfect time to have babies. There is plenty of water and enough food. The grass is also taller and best for hiding young ones from predators. You will see young ones of zebras, wild dogs, warthogs, and birds among others.

  • No dust

During the peak season, there is a lot of dust. This is common during game drives in the dry season. Some tourists wear dust masks. Some animals are seen in a pool of dust. It is hard to get a clear view.

You can avoid dust by choosing the green season. The short and long rains come with vegetation cover. This reduces dust. The air is a bit clear and clean.

  • Green environment

During the green season, their environment is green. Flowers are blooming. All this makes the world a beautiful place. This comes with some positive energy.

  • Perfect time for photography

This is one of the top 10 reasons to go on safari in the green season. This does not mean that peak seasons are bad for photography. They are great. But you can only get some shots during the green season. This season is rich in natural colors. Even deserts enjoy green colors. Some animals are more visible during the rainy season.

  • Perfect time for adventure

Green seasons are better for adventures. Expert guides are readily available to help you explore Africa. It is a great time to explore parks, reserves, and conservancies. It is also the perfect time to meet local people.

  • Avoid harsh weather

During the dry season, the weather can be a bit harsh in Africa. The sun is usually hotter. The green season is usually favorable.

What is the best time of the year to go on safari in Botswana? We have identified 10 reasons to go on safari in the green season. So, you can go on safari in Botswana during the green season. It is also a great season to go on safari in other countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. But Africa is great at any time of the year. Every season comes with its unique experience. Follow our blog to learn more about African safaris.