What are the advantages of safari? You should go on safari for unique and memorable experiences. This post gives you 10 insights on what to expect in safari. The info will give a better idea of what to expect in Africa.

10 insights on what to expect in safari

  • Long game drives

While on safari, game drives are always part of the itinerary. You will be in a safari vehicle exploring the wilderness. You will see wild animals in their natural habitat. Africa is rich in wildlife, stunning birds, and great people. Game drives are for seeing animals and watching birds.

But game drives may mean spending more hours under the sun. Some game drives take about 3 hours. But others may be longer. They can take 5, 7, or 8 hours. You can even have a full-day game drive. This depends on several factors. You may see some animals and prefer to spend more time in the wilderness. Some travelers have shorter holidays. So, they choose to spend a full day in the wilderness. You should have some items to protect yourself from the sun. These include sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat. These are proven safari insights.

  • Waking up early

Probably, you sleep longer during holidays. But a safari is not like any other holiday. There is so much to do. You also need to wake up early for better experiences. Some hours are better for game drives than others. Specifically, mornings and evenings are better. This time, the weather is favorable for game drives. Also, animals are more active around this time. Most morning activities start around 6.00 am. So, expect to wake up early for morning game drives. This is one of the 10 insights on what to expect in safari.

What are the disadvantages of safari? Waking up earlier (though it is worth it).

  • Good mobile phone service

Is there an internet connection? This is a common question among travelers. Being a developing world, Africa may not have extensive mobile phone service coverage. This does not mean that you will be unable to go online. Most areas including remote ones are now connected. You can easily do most online activities.

  • Dusty and bumpy roads

After arriving in your host country, you travel to your destination. Let’s say you are going on a safari to Kenya. Here, there are many destinations you may want to explore. For example, you can choose to visit Masai Mara. You can travel to Masai Mara by air or road. Air travel is quick and comfortable. Daily flights are available. Alternatively, you can travel by road. A safari vehicle will pick you up and drive you to your destination. Here, the road may be smooth and comfortable. In national reserves and parks, rides may not be comfortable. They are bumpy. During the dry season, they tend to be very dusty too.  Flying safaris are available. They offer a better alternative to dusty roads.

What are the advantages of safari? You have many alternatives to choose from. You can choose to adventure by traveling by road. You can also choose a flying safari for comfort and unique experiences.

  • Mosquitos

African wilderness is untamed. So, it is common to find wild bugs. This is among the 10 insights on what to expect in safari. One of these bugs is the mosquito. The bugs are in high population during the wet season. Their buzzing can be very annoying.  Also, the risk of getting malaria in Africa is high.

To avoid the bugs, use mosquito repellant. You can use bug spray before sleep. Sleep in camps with treated mosquito nets. Imagine a buzzing sound in your ear at 3 am. Annoying, right? Also, take anti-malaria pills. Ask your doctor about the pills before you travel. They help travelers not to get sick.

  • Tsetse fly bite

You will find tsetse flies in some African destinations. For example, you will find them in Masai Mara, Kenya. They are not present in large numbers. So, you may not get a bite. Avoid bushes at the night. Being on a safari vehicle is safer.

Getting a tsetse fly bite is rare. If you get it, your skin will itch. Apply ointment for the itch to go away. Relax, it is just a bug bite. It is not common for people to get sleeping sickness from the bug.

  • Large crowds

This is among the safari insights you should expect while on safari. It is common during peak season. Travelers across the world visit Africa during peak seasons. Top destinations such as Masai Mara attract high tourist traffic. This is good as you get to meet new people.

What are the disadvantages of safari? You may have to compete for space during peak season.

Traveling during the off-season can be great. You will find fewer people. But some experiences are only possible during the peak season. For example, you can experience the Great Migration during the peak season.

  • No toilets

Use the toilet while going for a game drive. There are no toilets in the bush. You may have to use the bush. Remember you can’t wander around.

  • Poor weather

The sun will not always be shining. The weather can get humid. The roads can become wetter and muddy. Be physically prepared for a such while on safari.

  • Memorable experiences

While on safari, expect memorable experiences.

Here, we have provided 10 insights on what to expect in safari. You can reach out for more about safaris.