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African safaris should be fun and memorable. But there are some things you should know to make the best out of your safari. Here, we give you 10 considerations for families going on safari. Feel free to reach out for more info.

10 considerations for families going on safari

Age limit is among the 10 considerations for families going on safari. Children under a certain age are not allowed in some destinations. Also, some accommodations put age limits. Most safari lodges and camps welcome all children. But some have age restrictions.

Children of all ages are welcome in Masai Mara. But some safari camps have restrictions. Basecamp Masai Mara welcomes all children. Leopard Hill welcomes children of about 7 years. This is because of the rustic nature of the camp. Dorobo Mobile Camp welcomes children above 12 years. This is because of the wild nature at the camp. Angama Mara welcomes children above 6 years during the peak season. But it welcomes children of all ages off-season.

It is important to know about the age limits when planning a family safari. The info can help make better decisions.

Entry fees and accommodation prices are different for adults and children. Understanding the pricing can help you budget for the safari.   

Charges for children are lower in national reserves and parks in Kenya. Let’s look at Masai Mara’s entry fees. Adults sleeping inside the national park pay about $70. Those staying outside the park pay about $ 80. Children pay about $40 and $ 46 for the same. These are children below 12 years.

In Kruger National park adults pay about $27. Children pay about $ 13. The entry fee is valid for 24 hours.

There are many activities that kids can enjoy while on safari. But this depends on their age. Bush walks are good for older children. Some camps such as Kruger welcome kids about 16 years. In Uganda, only children above 16 years are allowed to go gorilla trekking. In Kenya, most parks allow children above 6 years. This is because of long game drives.

Younger children may not be allowed to canoe, dive, or go for a nature walk. Common activities for kids include short game drives, horse riding, and swimming.

Means of transport are among the top 10 considerations for families going on safari.  You need an unforgettable experience while in Africa. For great memories, you need comfortable means of transport. A shared safari vehicle may not be very comfortable.

You may consider self-drive. It is great for a family safari in Africa. With self-drive, you enjoy a flexible schedule. You can explore nature for a few hours and take a break. When kids are tired or bored, you can turn to a different activity. Safari vehicles are readily available for hire. A private vehicle may be the best option.

You must be sure of safety when going on safari. Get to know about safety measures at your destination. Choose a camp or lodge that guarantees safety. But you also have a role to play in matters of safety. You must follow provided guidelines. You need to watch your kids. Some places are not friendly to children. Always ensure that you can see your child.

This is among the 10 considerations for families going on safari. Choose a camp or lodge that offers favorable conditions. Some camps have family tents with a shared lounge. Some have a double bed or a twin room. You may want to share the tent with your child. This is to ensure that they don’t go out at night. Also, an animal may approach their tent. Sharing a tent may ensure that they respond properly.

Here are some of the essential items to carry during a safari.

Planning for a South Africa family safari? Then, you need to know about guides. These are tour experts who travel with you while on safari. You need a good tour guide for a greater safari. You also get to learn more about local culture.

African countries require visitors to show proof of certain vaccinations. Also, your child needs certain vaccinations before going to Africa. You can pick diseases such as malaria or dysentery. Ask your doctor about the vaccinations that you need. But the risk of getting any disease is reducing slowly.

While on a South Africa family safari, have plans to supervise your children at night. It is common for animals to visit safari camps. Ensure that someone is watching your child. You can do it in shifts with family members.

These are the 10 considerations for families going on safari. Follow our blog for more info about Africa safari family tours.